Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Thank you!

Rachel Grant, Meg Tilly, Toni Anderson, and me!
Now I understand that saying, "it is with a heavy heart...". I don't want to leave. I will miss every author, every reader, every publicist, and every publisher whom I've had the pleasure of working with here on the JUST sites.

Almost ten years ago, I spoke to publishers and authors, and heard the disheartening prognosis that romantic suspense was a genre of the past. I thought, how can that be? I love romantic suspense! There must be others like me out there.

...and thus, JRS was born. I started reaching out to romantic suspense authors, asking if they would like to participate in the site. Back then, I would write authors, and address them as Mrs. Last Name (I'm looking at you, Mrs. Lena Diaz!). After Lena scolded me for being so formal, I loosened up slightly. 

Angi Morgan

Alison Stone
And here we are, all these years later...and guess what? Romantic Suspense didn't fade away! (insert fist pump). 

Julie Miller
Nora Roberts

To all the authors that considered JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE a home away from home, you are my extended family. We've been through all those quarterly giveaways together! And to the visitors of quote Jerry Maguire, "you complete me." YOU have been the reason I have kept these sites going for so long. Your loyal participation has made sharing such wonderful books worth every second.

Kat Martin
As time went on, the demand for "JUST" sites for other genres arose. JUST CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE and JUST PARANORMAL ROMANCE were born. So many great books have been shared, and so many new authors debuted. 

But, the time has come for the lady behind the green curtain to gracefully bow out (while she's still young enough to bow--or be graceful.)

It's not goodbye. This industry is intimate. Readers and authors alike open their hearts and share their love of books on a daily basis. And I will be an eternal fan of this tight community. 

Keep writing.
Keep reading.
Keep smiling.

Love you all!


P.S. If you're looking for me, you can always find me here. I'll still be plugging away at romantic suspense, just in a different capacity!

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