Wednesday, September 23, 2020

According To Plan

Hello! My name is Victoria Ellis, thank you so much for taking the time to read my guest blog

post today. For my post, I wanted to share a snippet of my new release, According to Plan. According to Plan is a southern, small-town romance that is the second book in a six book stand-alone series. I hope you enjoy this excerpt!


“Madi, will you marry me?”

His question evokes an automatic response from my gag reflex—I am choking on my goddamn buffalo wing.

There’re no dramedies here, I am full on choking.

I bring both hands to my neck, what I assume is the signal for holy shit, I’m choking, please help me before I die, but Tate has no clue. He’s handsome as hell, but sometimes I’m convinced he’s missing half his brain.

I reach for water, thinking I can wash down the half of a chicken wing that is lodged in my throat, but the water only exasperates everything that much more.

I look at Tate again and stand, pointing at my throat, unable to make a noise no matter how hard I try. Suddenly, his eyes are bulging out from their sockets, more than likely because my face is damn near certainly changing colors.

Tate doesn’t move, and instead stays frozen in his chair, bringing both of his hands to his mouth like he’s shocked that I’m dying in front of him.

Give me the fucking Heimlich and I won’t be! I want to scream.

Two strong arms grip around the center of my body, and an intense pressure in my upper abdomen rocks me forward—and out pops the chicken wing. It rolls across the table and lands right in front of Tate as a horrified expression spreads across his face. I quickly gasp in as much air as I possibly can and bend at the waist, losing myself in a coughing fit.

When I finally catch my breath and I’m no longer heaving like I just ran a marathon, I turn to face the person who saved me—expecting it to be some large, burly man—but no one’s here. 

“She’s right there,” Tate says, pointing toward a woman who turns at the last minute before leaving the restaurant, tipping her head to me and giving me a slight wave.

There are still nice people in the world. It’s refreshing. 

Now, back to business.

I clear my throat and dab at my face with my napkin as I sit back down. 

“Are you okay, babe?” Tate asks, and the only thing I can think about right now is having one less chicken wing. I’m hungry, the PMS is real, and those two seldom mix well. 

Will you marry me?

The words fell from his lips nonchalantly, easy as pie, like they don’t have the power to change the entire trajectory of both of our lives.

“That didn’t exactly go how I had planned it,” he says, staring at me over his plate of macaroni and mashed potatoes. 

How you planned it?

“Tate.” I rub my throat, trying to calm the daggers that shoot pain throughout it. My voice comes out hoarse, “Did you really just propose to me over chicken wings?”

Honestly, I wouldn’t marry Tate if my life depended on it. I actually planned on ending things with him tonight, over said chicken wings, because this just isn’t going anywhere. In the three months I’ve dated him, I just haven’t really felt that spark that’s necessary to continue on with a relationship. The fact that he just proposed to me after only three months of dating and when we are very clearly on very different pages, if not a completely different book all together, only signifies things.

Anytime I try to date someone for longer than a few dinners or a late-night rendezvous in my small New York City apartment, it ends up coming to an end like this. They want more, I just can’t get there. I’m not sure if I’m just not compatible with anyone here or if it has anything to do with the bar that was set years prior. Maybe my standards are just too high.

But I know that the man I want exists. 

I just can’t have him.

About the Author

Victoria Ellis, the founder of Cruel Ink Publishing, LLC, is a multi-genre author that publishes psychological thrillers, suspense, and romance novels. She is also the author of two poetry collections. She resides near Chicago, Illinois with her husband, seven month-old daughter, and an abundance of animals.



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  1. Wow. Totally expected a hot man being the hero (and realize there still could be). Now I'm wondering what other surprises you have in store for readers! Thanks for sharing.


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