Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Until It's Gone

With: Jenna van Berke

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You know the feeling when you hear about a friend’s breakup, and you just can’t stop thinking: “But they were so great together. They HAVE TO make up!” ?

Maybe my own life is just too boring, because I had such a heartache on my friends' behalf recently, I had to write it down. And while my friends sadly didn’t get back together (so far—I’m not giving up hope), the couple in my second chance romance Until It’s Gone does.


I could be happy. 

After my knee accident, I’ve risen from the ashes of my football career to become a successful landscaper, creating gardens for Hollywood’s rich and famous.

My bank account has never looked as good, and California’s it-girls keep trying to seduce me. As I said, I could be happy.  

But I’m not.

My success is tainted, my money dirty. I don’t deserve any of it.

Because the foundation of my success rests on the ruins of my relationship with the only woman I want: 
Layla with the irresistible green eyes, the adorable blush. 

Layla with the green thumb—the only one who knows more about plants than I do.

Layla, mother of my daughter.

It’s been almost a year since she kicked me out, and so far all my attempts at winning her back have failed.

But I have one more ace up my sleeve…

***Romantic Garden Tales is a series of sweet romance standalones***

I call my sister. “Linh? Can we meet half an hour later?”
“I was hoping you’d say half an hour earlier, because I’m already in the area. But it’s all right, I’ll wait. Why? Need more time flirting with some actress?”
I roll my eyes; Linh can be a pain in the butt. I won’t tell her the real reason, though, because I know exactly what she’d say. “No, I just… Oh, my Gosh! That’s Layla!”
“What? What happened?”
“I have to go.” Carelessly, I drop the phone on the passenger seat. There, on the sidewalk about twenty yards ahead, is Layla. The woman I want to marry, holding hands with another man.
I watch Layla’s sportive figure stroll down the sidewalk, her long, dark brown hair swaying slightly with every step she takes. Her hand tugs playfully on the hand she’s holding and for a second, I can feel her hand in mine. I can feel her warmth and the sensation leaves me gasping for air. Just like on our first date. 
I took her out to dinner in a small Greek restaurant and afterward we went for a walk and sat on the beach talking until past midnight. When we said goodbye, I bent to kiss her, but she gently pushed me away. “Next time,” she said and looked at me with her extraordinary green eyes. Then she took my hand, and somehow that felt more intimate than a kiss. “If there is a next time, I won’t say no.”
An angry horn blares behind me, and I realize the traffic light has turned green. Struggling to get the car moving, I slowly pass Layla and her new lover. I know I shouldn’t look. I don’t want to see the happiness on her face—the happiness created by some other man, but I can’t help myself. My eyes are drawn to Layla like bees to a flower…

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Author Info

A shy and clumsy wallflower by day, Jenna van Berke transforms into a smart and captivating heroine at night, flirting with handsome park rangers, auto mechanics or real estate agents, while rescuing animals, kicking her kidnapper’s ass or whatever else strikes her fancy. 

When she isn’t absorbed in her own contemporary romance and romantic suspense stories, you can find her treasure hunting at flea markets, cooling off in a frozen lake after sauna, or reading books by Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, or Kylie Scott.

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