Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Her Aussie Holiday

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my latest release, Her Aussie Holiday. If you’re looking for a fictional vacation, then this is totally the book for you. Settle into your favourite chair, pretend you’re digging your toes into the sand and allow me to welcome you to Patterson’s Bluff.


“Okay, this is my beach cricket lesson, speed edition.” Trent picked up the bat and handed it to her.
It was a strange bat—flat on one side and pointed on the other. She’d heard people say that baseball and cricket were kind of comparable, but she’d only ever seen baseball before. Yankees box seats, through her father’s work, and she hadn’t paid much attention to the game. Given her minimal interaction with sports as a kid, she found it hard to follow.
But she knew how they held the bat, at least. So she hiked it over her right shoulder, unsure whether the flat or the pointed side was supposed to be facedown.
Trent chuckled. “In cricket, we hold the bat to the ground.”
“Oh.” Cora’s cheeks warmed. “Whoops.”
“Let me show you.” He guided the bat off her shoulder. “This part is called the toe, but that’s basically a fancy way of saying the bottom of the bat. We stand side-on, flat part forward and swing with that toe coming down toward the ground.”
Trent executed a movement, pretending he was holding a bat. Cora swallowed. Unlike the others, he still had a T-shirt covering his top half. But the soft white cotton hugged his body in a way that was mouth-wateringly perfect. As he twisted, the movement enhanced the broadness of his shoulders and the trim vee of his waist, and it made the muscles in his arms flex and bulge.
Good Lord. What do they feed the men down here?
“Okay,” Cora mumbled, trying to mimic the movement. But clearly, she’d been too busy checking out Trent’s cut physique to actually figure out what she was supposed to do, because her swing was clunky and awkward.
“It’ll be easier if I help put you into position.” He came closer. “Do you mind getting up close and personal for a second?”
“No.” The word came out like a dry croak. “I don’t mind.”
Getting up close and personal with Trent wasn’t going to help her learn how to play cricket at all. Because her brain was already speeding toward Jell-O territory as it was. But he came around behind her, his hands moving to her wrists. The warmth of him seeped into her body, stoking the fire already burning bright.
“Let’s get you into a setup position.” He maneuvered her body, making her face to one side. “Start the bat here, with the toe touching the sand. Always have the face—which is the flat bit—facing the front. Then we’re going to flex your wrists and bring the bat back a little and then swing through.”
He was being a gentleman, keeping some space between them, but it was impossible not to get close with the swinging motion. Trent’s thighs grazed her ass and the touch—subtle and innocent as it was—made her blood pulse hard and hot in her veins. She wanted to arch back into him, to feel his body cradle hers.
To feel those strong, muscular arms wrap around her like they might whisk her away from her troubles forever.
“Let’s try that again.” Trent helped her draw the bat back, flexing her wrists so that the bat was raised and sweeping it down toward the sand and following through as if she’d made connection. “Much better.”
When he stepped back, the loss of him was an echo through her body. “I think I’ve got it…kinda.”
“You got it all right.” His blue gaze coasted over her, tracking her face and then down her body with a liquid, languid slowness that made her toes curl into the sand.


Cora Cabot’s life is falling apart. So when her Australian friend announces she’s secured an internship in the States, Cora has a brilliant idea: house swap! Small-town Australia sounds like the perfect getaway. Only, when she gets there, the house isn’t empty. Turns out her friend’s hot Australian brother is staying there, too—and he doesn’t look happy to see her.

The last thing Trent Walters needs is a roommate for the summer. Especially an American who immediately floods the house and single-handedly destroys the family project his sister created for their parents’ anniversary. Now, not only does Cora insist on helping fix the house, he needs her help re-creating the family scrapbook. And glitter is not his forte.

But between late nights cooking, pints at the local pub, and competitive matches of cricket on the beach, Cora starts to break through Trent’s defenses. Too bad Cora made a promise to return to working with her father at the end of the summer—a promise she can’t break—because this holiday is starting to feel like one she never wants to end.

Each book in the Patterson's Bluff series is STANDALONE:
* The Aussie Next Door
* Her Aussie Holiday

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