Thursday, July 16, 2020


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As may of you know, I don't make up characters. I meet them in my mind. When I'm all alone in my office it's very much like a character walks in, sits down and begins to tell me his story. 

In BREAKFAST AT THE HONEY CREEK CAFE, my office was full of characters within days. I had to write my story with all of them hanging over my shoulders. They might think that they were all different, but they had something in common.

The first kid I met was Pecos Smith. We've all known him--that kid that everyone knows, but no one hangs around with. He fits into no gang or club. He's tall and thin with pimply skin. Doesn't know how to dress or talk to girls.

When his story opens, he's just become the town's only Uber driver. Only he drives an old pickup. The night of the prom he hopes to make some money since he doesn't have a date. At midnight he picks up one lift, the prettiest girl in school. Miss Perfect is shattered and crying...and she sees him.

Trust me, you are going to love Pecos as the whole town watches him grow into a man. 

So come along with me to BREAKFAST AT THE HONEY CREEK CAFE and meet the rest of my characters. You'll also love Sam who pretends to be a preacher and Colby who falls for the one woman in town he's protecting.

I will be giving away an autographed copy of BREAKFAST AT THE HONEY CREEK CAFE.




On the rolling hills that border the Brazos River lies Honey Creek, Texas—a small town where family bonds and legends run deep, and friendship and love are always close to hand . . .
Piper Kate McKenzie, mayor of Honey Creek, won’t let a major scandal rip her quirky hometown apart, or jeopardize her dream of one day running for higher office. So she calls for reinforcements to find the source of corruption in the sheriff’s office—two men recommended by her Texas Ranger brothers . . .
At seventeen, Sam Cassidy left home, heeding the call to be a preacher. Later he found another mission: serving his country. After his one love died, he lost both his faith and his fight. Drifting from one assignment to another, he’s come to Honey Creek intending to earn his pay check and move on.
As a Dallas cop, Coby Riddell has grown skeptical and wary. People have a bad habit of disappointing each other, but the job never lets him down. This job in particular—his first undercover—is too intriguing to pass up.
Piper, who’s been wondering if Honey Creek might be the only real love of her life, suddenly finds herself drawn to two very different men. And if she can keep her town—and her heart—from going completely off the rails, there may be a sweet, unexpected future in store . . .

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  1. Enjoy small town stories.

    1. Then you will love the quirky characters and their stories in the small town of Honey Creek, Texas.

  2. I want to know more about Pecos.

    1. As you can tell, he is one of my favorite characters. Just had a really good heart!

  3. Sounds really interesting

    1. I think you'll be hooked when you start the series. I just finished Book 2 and am writing Book 3 now.


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