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Hi there,

I’m Elsie Davis and so excited to be able to share my new release with you. SMALL TOWN, BIG SECRETS is the second novel in my TRINITY RIVER series, but it wasn’t planned that way in the beginning. So many readers wrote in asking for Becky’s story after reading BACK IN THE RANCHER’S ARM’S (book 1), that I changed up my plans for the series and included her next. I hope you enjoy the following excerpt!

Becky reached into her purse and pulled out the baggie with her peanut butter and jelly sandwich she’d fixed for herself this morning. No such thing as a leisurely lunch today. She pulled out the first half, the sticky red jelly coming out the sides and getting all over her fingers. She licked the outer edges to catch the strawberry goo before it dripped onto her clothes. She reached for the napkin tucked in the front pocket of her purse and yanked it out, but in doing so, the papers from the doctor’s office she’d shoved in there earlier came out with the napkin and fell to the ground. Sandwich in one hand, she juggled her purse and stooped down to grab the papers. Her day couldn’t get any worse. She stood and rounded the corner, colliding with the hulking chest of a man, her sandwich firmly smushed between them. The man’s arms came around her, preventing her from falling.

Apparently, her day could get worse.

“I’m so sorry.” Becky stepped back, getting her first good look at the guy she’d broadsided.

“Are you okay?” Mr. Business Executive asked, letting his hands drop when he realized she wasn’t in danger of falling flat on her face.

Of course, it had to be a guy who looked like he belonged on the cover of a magazine. Dark, wavy hair that was cut in a roguish style and brushed off to the side. His olive complexion had nothing to do with the sun. Chocolate brown eyes, a cleanly shaven face, and a strong jaw completed the picture. Swoon worthy.

But there was nothing swoon worthy about the peanut butter and jelly now plastered across his suit coat, shirt, and tie. This was a day she clearly should have stayed in bed. And considering the man’s frown as he gazed down at the mess she’d made of his clothes, he would agree.

“I’m fine. I’m so sorry. Here, let me help.” Using her napkin, she began to wipe at his shirt. Each stroke only smeared the gooey mixture worse, turning his blue shirt an ugly brownish-red color, making him smell like he’d plastered peanut butter on as aftershave this morning.

The man reached up to grasp her hand, stopping her from doing any more damage than she’d already done. “I’m not sure that’s helping,” he said with a laugh. His smile reached his eyes, the corners crinkling. Way better than a frown.

Becky was mesmerized for just a moment, lost in the kindness of his expression. Most people would’ve been furious with her, but not this guy. “I feel awful.”

“Where were you in such a hurry to go? Or do you just make a habit of meeting people in unorthodox ways?” The warm sound of his laugh was pleasing, his joke at a time like this catching her off guard.

“My job,” she said. “And this isn’t good. I can’t be late—or any later than I already am. I’ve really got to run. Is there anything I can do to make this up to you?”

“I’ll get it handled. Don’t worry. I’d hate for you to be late for work.” The man removed his suit coat.

“Are you sure? I could get some water and more napkins…” She’d been late far too often trying to manage Byron’s care and doctor visits, but she didn’t feel right leaving him like this.

“I’m sure.”

Becky exhaled, her breath coming out as one big whoosh. “Thank you for being so understanding.” She turned to leave, but then she paused, half twisting back around. “And no, I don’t make a habit of bumping into people, for the record.”

“I’m glad to hear it. I won’t have to keep an eye out for you while I’m in town.”

His laughter continued to ring in her ears as she hurried down the sidewalk, stopping only to toss the rest of her sandwich in the trash can on the corner.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt!

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  1. Happy book birthday! Looking forward to read the story.

  2. I really think I want to read this book.

    1. Enjoy! Love can always be, literally...just around the corner! :)


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