Thursday, June 18, 2020

Saturday In Serendipity – Three Stories of Love Rediscovered

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This year has been bizarre to say the least. And particularly disappointing for members of the high school graduating class of 2020. Team sports seasons cut short. No special senior year activities, traditional graduation ceremonies or open houses. My heart goes out to these students for the lost chances to make special memories. However, they will still have reunions to look forward to in what will hopefully be bright and happy futures.

Much like three couples, Barry and Miranda, Matt and Blane, Jake and Bethany, in my three story anthology about a Twenty Year High School Reunion, SATURDAY IN SERENDIPITY

A twenty-year high school reunion in Serendipity, Vermont
changes the lives of former classmates and leads to unexpected futures.


Blurb: Barry Carlson had it all, a successful pro baseball career and the adoration of any woman he wanted. Except one, Amanda Marsh. Twenty years ago, in high school, Barry won Amanda’s love only to crush her heart. Forced to retire in his prime, he’s back in their hometown of Serendipity, Vermont determined to earn a second chance. Recently divorced, Amanda is happily single until Barry slides back into her life. She isn’t interested in a repeat performance. Turning him down should be easy, if only he wasn’t still the love of her life. Barry and Amanda must put aside old wounds and new misunderstandings to find their forever love.


Blane Weston’s construction company needs the venture capital Matt Durand is more than willing to provide. But with his reputation for hostile business takeovers, she makes it clear she wants no part of what he has to offer. Especially when he shows up at one of her building sites, unannounced and early, to negotiate terms. Besides, Blane has other plans for the next few days. Alone and single for far too long, she’s ready to hook up with a former flame at her high school reunion in Serendipity, Vermont. Not used to being denied, Matt follows her only to find her destination holds memories and unfinished business for him. How can Blane possible enjoy a journey back to her past when Matt is determined to dictate her future?


His twentieth high school reunion in Serendipity, Vermont leaves hospital CEO Jake Holbrook feeling lonely and alone. So when a special woman from his past tumbles back into his life—and his bed—he’s determined to keep her there. Family practice physician Bethany Thomas knows it’s a bad idea to sleep with her late husband’s best friend—even if he is the only man she ever loved. After years of marriage to the wrong man, she isn’t looking for an entanglement with her future boss. Clashing philosophies on patient care lead Bethany to betray Jake. As the holidays approach, his job is on the line. Can Bethany and Jake overcome their lack of trust to find their own Christmas miracle?

Barry and Miranda, Matt and Blane, Jake and Bethany. Three stories of Love Rediscovered.

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Bio: Award winning author Margo Hoornstra writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense, always providing that happily ever after for her characters. A big city girl turned country woman, Margo enjoys hiking and walking around the wide-open spaces near her home, especially in the fall, hates to cook and loves to read.


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