Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Hart Lust

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Writing Hard Lust was wicked fun, especially the steamy and playful interactions between Megan, a feminist, and Andros, Racan, and Vespar, three alpha demons who are seriously hot. In this scene, Megan’s getting ready for her first shift at the guys’ gentleman’s club where she’s supposed to serve drinks through eternity. Uh-huh.

She tottered on the heels.
Loving her in Hard Lust’s finery, Racan couldn’t admire it enough.
Whatever she snarled beneath her breath said she didn’t feel the same.
A pity. The uniform was awesome, not covering one important part on her. Given her outstanding figure, she should be proud, not offended.
He approached and pressed his lips to her ear. “That wasn’t so hard, was it?”
More muttered words poured from her, then she heaved in a breath. “You really like this thing I’m wearing, don’t you?”
“I’ll never complain.”
She turned her face to his, their lips inches apart, her breath heated and peppermint scented.
Something inside him went gooey. He hungered for a taste of her lips and everything else.
Her color rose. An emotion sparked in her eyes. Fascination? Desire? Surrender?
The feeling disappeared before he could identify it.
This wasn’t playing out as he wanted.
She glanced past him. “Why don’t you put it on?”
Having her look at him sounded way better. “Put what on?”
“This thing.” Making a face, she gestured to her uniform. “And the heels. Tell you what. I dare you. I don’t think you’re brave enough to try.”
 She had that right. If he ever donned women’s clothes, Andros and Vespar would never let him forget it. Confessing that or arguing was futile. “And deprive you? No way.”
He stepped back and snapped his fingers.
She drew in her shoulders, alarm in her eyes.
Her earlier comment to Andros about boiling oil returned. Racan couldn’t believe humans still believed such nonsense. Rather than invoking a smoldering cauldron, a large volume rested in his hands. He offered it to her. “For you.”
She leaned away. “No thanks. You keep it. I don’t mind.”
Andros lowered his face and shook his head.
Since reasoning hadn’t worked, Racan got to the point. “Either you take this, or you can wear it on a chain around your neck.” He bounced it on his palms. “It weighs four pounds or more. Your choice.”
Sneering, she took the book but held it at arm’s length. “What is it?”
“The employee handbook.” He stroked the leather-bound cover. “It has everything you need to know—and obey—while you work in Hard Lust.”
Her eyes goggled. “There must be a thousand pages here.”
“Twenty-three hundred to be exact,” Vespar said, materializing at her side.
She recoiled, then stared at his naked chest, black leather pants, biker boots, and the tat on his pec. After checking it against Racan’s pendant and Andros’s ring, she inched closer and met Vespar’s dark green eyes.
He winked and offered his million-watt grin, his teeth startlingly white against his bronzed complexion, his wavy brown hair tousled as if he’d just rolled out of bed.
Approval shone in her eyes. “And you are?”
“Vespar,” Racan said, cutting them off before it went any further, as it had between her and him. “Our other partner, which is all you need to know.” He tapped the book to get her full attention. “Some pages constitute the table of contents, others the index, so we’re talking approximately two thousand sheets with vital information you need to read, memorize, absorb, and live as if your future depended upon it, because it does.”
She stared at the cover. “This isn’t even in English. I don’t read devil.” She shoved the thing at him.
He conjured a huge chain for her neck.
Her eyes narrowed. “How am I supposed to read this crap?”
“Whoa.” Andros stood. “That’s sacred text you’re insulting. I’d watch it if I were you.”
Racan worked his mouth to stop his grin.
Vespar’s back was to them, quiet laughter shaking his shoulders, the mirrors showing his lips pressed together.
She regarded his reflection. “Sacred. Sure.” She faced Racan. “So I spend the next five hundred years or more learning your language, then slogging through this stuff?”
“Don’t be absurd.” He crowded her.
She didn’t retreat.
He admired her spunk.

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