Friday, June 26, 2020


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I’m so excited to bring you Cherish, the second book to the Clark Family Series. If you read Crave, you’re already familiar with Jason Dupree, the hero of Cherish. Writing this book gave me the opportunity to really get to know him, and believe me, he is the definition of the word hero.
All of the zany characters in Crave are back again, but this time, we get to meet the woman who will literally bring Dr. Dupree to his knees. It wasn’t always easy getting to know Alexandra Malone and what made her tick, but she was well worth the effort.
I know you’ll laugh, cry and finally swoon as you go on this journey with Jason and Alexandra.


I thought I finally had my life figured out. Fate? Destiny? I know mine. But one afternoon questioned everything I thought I knew.

Then it happened. Dr. Jason Dupree crashed into my life.

His eyes linger on me longer than they should in polite company. You see, there is nothing polite about him.

He’s arrogant and overconfident. His touch? It’s my undoing.

I let him know in no uncertain terms that he is not the man for me.
He is not my destiny.

And his reaction? Totally unexpected.


The things in my life that matter to me? It’s a short list. My career, a handful of family and friends. To call myself unlucky in love would be a gross understatement. Hence my list. It’s how I keep it all figured out.

Then one morning, that safe little list collides with my future.

Her eyes follow me everywhere, and they see through me like a soul x-ray. But it’s her touch that nearly brings me to my knees.

She doesn’t see it, though.

She’s full of denial and sass, and her stares are indignant. She’s a liar too. Telling me she’s interested in another man.

My reaction? Let’s just say she never saw it coming.

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Author Info
A Boston native, wife, mother, and wine enthusiast. If she’s not writing, thinking about writing, you will find her with a book in her hands. While a new publisher, she’s been writing for years, and she will continue to write for many years to come. 

Evelyn is obsessed with assertive and confident men who will stop at nothing to get their woman. Her stories are filled with love, passion, and humor.

She currently lives in Washington, DC with her husband and two daughters.

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  1. That cover speak a story of its own! 😉 I bet this would be a hawt story.

  2. "... will literally bring [him] to his knees"??? NOW you've got my attention, LOL!

  3. Ooooo! This book sounds so good! And that cover... HOT!!!

  4. :) Thanks for sharing! You have my attention!


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