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With: Viv Royce

Hello, so happy to be on Just Contemporary Romance today to introduce you to my new royal romance, A ROYAL SECOND CHANCE SUMMER, just released from Entangled Bliss. Although it's the third book in a series, you can read it as standalone. It's full of Fourth of July vibes, summery activities and food (waffles with ice cream, anyone?) and of course a swoonworthy hero: prince Nicolas of Belfort, undercover in Wood Creek to find a precious family heirloom. His first encounter with Lizzie Cates doesn't go exactly according to plan and to make up, he invites her to coffee at the local restaurant.

A ROYAL SECOND CHANCE SUMMER (Little Shops on Heart Street #3, Entangled Bliss)

Prince Nicolas is looking for a priceless royal heirloom. Trying to stay under the radar, he keeps that he’s a prince secret—especially from the cute antiques dealer he asks to help him. The longer it takes, the more time they get to spend together, though no matter how attracted he is to Lizzie, love is certainly not an option for the heir to the crown of Belfort.

Lizzie Cates fled her family’s new-found fame and fortune because life in the spotlight wasn’t for her. She loves her small town, where the most exciting thing on the schedule is the car parade for the Fourth of July. That’s just how she likes it, until Nicolas comes along. Lizzie finds herself falling for the caring man who craves the country and small-town life as much as she does.

Except Nicolas has a secret that will shatter both their dreams...


“Outside is fine with me. It’s a beautiful day.” His smile seemed to suggest something more than the weather being fine, and Lizzie looked away quickly. “You choose a table, I’ll go inside to order. What do you want?”
“Don’t they serve you at the table?” he asked.
“I’ve discovered it goes faster if you go inside and order.”
“Faster?” He hitched a brow.
Is he now thinking I can’t wait to get away from him? She flushed.
“Oh, I understand.” He leaned over. “You want something to eat. How about their famous pie? On me, of course.”
“I don’t know if—”
“You do know if you want pie.” He grinned. “Come on.”
“Will you join me?”
“I’m not a fan of sweet things. I’ll have a croque monsieur.”
“A what?”
“That’s what they call it in my country. It’s a toasted sandwich with ham and cheese.”
“Oh, sure. And how about the coffee? Plain? Latte? Espresso? Cappuccino?”
“Cappuccino for me.”
“Great.” She gestured across the tables to their left. “You can find somewhere to sit.”
She went inside and made a beeline for the glass counter with the pieces of pie. Yes, there’s still chocolate pie.
“Lizzie!” A hand touched her arm. Mrs. Nickle smiled up at her. The frail elderly lady wore lilac today, from the little hat sitting on her white hair to her shoes. Even her earrings had lilac gemstones in the dangling pendants. She stood on tiptoe to whisper, “I heard you had some trouble at Mrs. Landers’s house this morning. That some stranger tried to rob you. How terrible.”
“It was a misunderstanding,” Lizzie rushed to say. “All cleared up now. No harm done.”
“Oh.” Mrs. Nickle nodded. “And who is that handsome man you’re dating?”
“Dating?” Lizzie echoed with a start.
“Yes.” Mrs. Nickle’s twin sister, Mrs. Latimer, popped up by her side, all dressed in turquoise. “We’re so happy for you.”
Mrs. Nickle waved her off. “I told you to stay at the window and watch him while I talked to Lizzie. Go back there. Our purses could get stolen.”
“By whom?” Ignoring the gestures of her twin, Mrs. Latimer continued to gush to Lizzie, “We saw him go into the shop. I said it was a shame he was only a customer as we’ve hardly ever seen such a good-looking man around town. Then you two came out together.” She patted Lizzie’s arm. “Very sly of you to keep him out of view until you had secured him.”
“You can’t say that,” her sister objected. “Really, I can’t tell you anything. You just blab about it to the first person you meet.”
“We’ve been saying for years now,” Mrs. Latimer continued unperturbed, “that you should date. You’re far too serious. Always hiding behind old and dusty things. That’s not the way to get happy.”

Will Lizzie listen to this good advice and open her heart to her new customer? Not knowing who he is: a real-life prince!

A ROYAL SECOND CHANCE SUMMER is out now from Entangled Bliss! It's book 3 in the heartwarming Little Shops on Heart Street series about smalltown shopkeepers finding love when they least expect it. Each book can be read as standalone.

About the author:
With the same trademark atmospheric settings, relatable characters and cute canines that made several of her cozy mysteries #1 Amazon US and Canada bestsellers in multiple categories, Vivian Conroy pens romance as Viv Royce, creating the little shops on Heart Street she herself would like to frequent to stock up on bonbons, books and cute home decorations. When not hanging out in fictional worlds, she likes to hike, craft and spend way too much time on Twitter where readers can connect via @VivWrites.

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