Sunday, March 22, 2020

A First Time for Everything

I’m so excited to be introducing my new book, A First Time for Everything. I love all my characters, but Casey and Hannah are especially close to my heart. I began working on their story after thinking about my own virginal college years and the fear that kept me from getting closer to guys I liked. I wanted to write a book about a girl who goes through all that, and I wanted to give her what I dreamed of back then—a sexy tutor to show her everything she’s been missing.
But of course, I didn’t stop at that. Because what Hannah really wants is love, and Casey’s just the guy to give her that, too.

Here’s a little taste of Hannah and Casey together:
Casey turns his desk chair toward me and sits down, his hands clasped loosely on his lap, legs outstretched. “How’d the date go?”
“The date?” I repeat stupidly. I didn’t expect questions. “Um, it was nice.”
“Just nice?” he asks, looking amused, but also keenly interested.
“It was pretty low key.”
“Did you kiss him?”
He’s so close, all I can think about is what he and I did Sunday night. “We made out for a while on his bed.”
His expression undergoes a subtle change, the laughter in his eyes changing to something more serious, his jaw hardening.
I seem to have become a student of Casey’s face.
“So how was it?” he asks, his voice rougher now.
Is he angry, turned on, jealous? I hesitate, unsure how much to tell him. But as usual, the plain old truth spills out of me.
“It was okay. I mean, it was nice, but it didn’t get me all worked up or anything.” I hesitate, not quite looking at him. “I think he liked it more than I did.”
“Not like it is with us,” he says, watching me.
He slides off the chair and kneels in front of me, pushing my knees open to get closer. My skirt rides up my thighs and his hands follow it up as his hips press into me. When he kisses me, it’s not light and teasing. He’s not trying to teach me.
He’s kissing me like he needs it.
His mouth closes over mine, urging me open. His tongue strokes inside, hungry and demanding, and as hot as our first kiss was, somehow this is even better. Maybe because there’s no fear obscuring my senses. I feel everything—Casey’s warm skin and firm muscles under my hands as I slide them under the hem of his shirt, the hitch in his breath.
His desire ratchets mine up even more, and I kiss him back with everything I have, licking into his mouth, kissing his jaw and his neck. I’m going on instinct now, doing what feels good, what my driving pulse demands. There’s no space in my thoughts for wondering if I’m doing it right or where I should put my hands.
Having his incredible body pressed to mine, strung tight with excitement that I generated, makes me crazy. I feel how hard he is through his jeans, and when his hands move to my hips, pressing me to him, the connection between kissing and sex turns explicit.
This isn’t just kissing, this is foreplay. And it doesn’t feel like a lesson, it feels like the real thing.

Hannah Bloom arrives on campus for her senior year of college a new woman. No more mortifying acne—though she still bears the scars—and no more trying to be invisible. She has two goals: get into med school and have sex before graduation. But getting into med school may prove easier than having sex, because Hannah has a secret—she’s never even been kissed.
What she needs is a tutor who’ll give her lessons in all the things she’s missed out on, and Casey Grant is the perfect candidate. Her dorm’s resident player, he’s not only the hottest guy she’s ever seen, he already knows her secret.
The only trouble is, nothing goes according to plan. Their lessons don’t feel like lessons, they feel like the real thing. She tries to date other guys, but nothing can compare with what she has with Casey. If she’s not careful she’ll fall for him just like every other girl on campus—and have her heart broken like them, too.


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