Thursday, February 27, 2020

Sweet On You

With: KC Enders

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Happy February! Holy cows, I’m so glad we finally made it through the entire year of January--phew!  I’m KC Enders, Karin since we’re getting to know each other and all. My installment in the 425 Madison Avenue series is called Sweet on You and it’s all about finding love and returning home.

I was so excited to write this story, something light and a little different from what I normally write. As it turned out, life happened and this story became one of the hardest things for me to get through. As I was just getting started, we got word that we were moving for my husband’s job, after sixteen years in the house where we raised our kids. Ooof. It was good, though. Because while we were moving to a new city, we were returning home. My husband is an engineer-like Raleigh-and he was away on assignment for almost two years. We only saw each other a couple of times a month but, it put things in perspective. If we learned nothing from this experience,  it's that home is more than a's absolutely where the heart is.

I hope you enjoy Sweet on You and maybe check out some of my backlist. Thank you! ❤


Everything is absolutely perfect for Layla Dupree thanks to her successful patisserie and Raleigh Jacobs isn’t happy with his temporary assignment in NYC. Find out what happens for these two neighbors when you mix together bubbly and grumbly. Readers will want to turn up the heat with this return to hometown romance from KC Enders. The 425 Madison series is back with season two and SWEET ON YOU is now live!

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Goodreads ➝

Lyla Dupree

She’s a bubbly, sugary sweet pastry chef. Living her best life in the Big Apple. Luxury apartment. Successful patisserie. Everything is great–better than great. It's absolutely perfect.

Raleigh Jacobs

He’s grumbly and growly–and so very out of his element–working on a temporary assignment in NYC. He wants to do his job and get out. Back to the clean air in the mountains near Denver.

Throw them together.
Mix things up.
Turn up the heat and what you get is, quite simply, alarming.

After all, 425 Madison is the perfect place to fall in love.

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Author Info
Karin is a New York Girl living in a Midwest world. A connoisseur of great words, fine bourbon, and strong coffee, she’s married to the love of her life and is mother to two grown men, she is proud to say can cook and clean up after themselves, and always open doors for the ladies (you’re welcome, world).

And when life gets a little too calm, she tends to adopt big old rescue dogs: short on brains, large on personality.

About the 425 Madison Series
Welcome to 425 Madison Ave the perfect place to fall in love. Nine delicious romances set in fast-paced & sexy NYC just waiting for you to read.

This season will feature some new authors as well as some of season one's favs. Back for season two is Allie York, Leigh Lennon, MK Moore, Aubree Valentine, Lauren Helms, and Katy Ames. Plus a warm welcome to KC Enders, and Marcie Shumway!

Not only do we have a sexy mix of new and returning authors, prepare for pages packed with new romances, characters, and tropes all from the same well-loved high-rise apartment building in NYC.

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