Saturday, February 1, 2020

Meeting Her

Do you believe in love at first sight? 

Do I? Well, let's say I believe in attraction at first sight.

I remember how I met my first boyfriend: I was at a party, sitting on a sofa at the back of the room when four or five guys walked in, among them my boyfriend-to-be. It was Hollywood material (minus the glamor: I had pimples and was probably wearing something horrible). I looked up, saw him, and in that split-second I knew I wanted him. Edit: Of course my innocent teenage-self wouldn’t have put it quite like that. I probably thought something like Oh, that guy is cute

Anyway, the point is, I was in this room with maybe thirty guys, some of whom must have been nice/funny/smart/handsome/you name it. But none of them interested me in that way. And then he walks in and bamAnd I was right about that bam, because we ended up dating for three years.

So how does it happen? Yeah, I know, something to do with pheromones. But still. I mean, did his pheromones really travel within seconds across the room to let me know his genes were better suited to mine than all the other guys’ genes? Maybe. But I prefer to believe there’s something else involved. Call it fate. Call it magic. 

Whatever it is, I love first-encounter-stories. If you do too, you might enjoy my latest release:

MEETING HER: A romantic short story

Sometimes you just know.

I’m not usually shy with women. Women love me. I used to be the college team’s quarterback, for crap’s sake. Girls used to throw themselves at me. 

So how come I’m just standing here in front of her, speechless?


Author Info
Jenna van Berke loves Gillian Flynn, Nora Roberts, Kylie Scott and everything in between.
Working in the hotel industry, Jenna has encountered innumerable honeymooners, cheating husbands and infatuated co-workers, providing her with ample inspiration for her contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels.
She currently lives in Finland.

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