Tuesday, December 3, 2019

A Must For Christmas

The holidays are not the time to debate delicate family issues. Right? Greg and Faith Mallory both agree on that one. Good thing because they’re not agreeing on much else. He wants his pregnant wife (with twins) to be a stay-at-home mom. And Faith wants to keep working. With a month left in her pregnancy, Faith hopes she and the love of her life can finally agree what’s best for their family.

Only, she goes into early labor three days before Christmas.

Faith and Greg first appeared in Must Have Faith, Book 2 in the Darling Cove small-town, family drama romance series. Deborah Garland brings them back in the short holiday read A Must for Christmas.

Twas three days before Christmas and in the Mallory house, Faith went into labor and her husband freaked out...

A medical complication after the twins' birth has Greg re-writing his letter to Santa. He’ll make any sacrifice possible to keep his family together. He and Faith had missed so much, crawled through fire to be together again. It doesn’t matter how many trays of cookies she didn't make, or the half-decorated tree, or the cards that never went out.

Now, all Greg wants for Christmas is…Faith.

Here’s an exclusive excerpt just for Just Contemporary Romance readers:

A flood of dread flowed through Greg. The minute he’d made Faith his, he’d been in charge of her. She was his responsibility. What she needed, Greg took care of. The lack of control he had at the moment warred with his natural caveman instincts to protect his wife.
He let the nurse guide him out of the operating room. The hallway was dim compared to the thousand-watt bulbs he’d just been standing under, and he blinked to adjust his eyes so he didn’t bump into anything. A hand was still firm on his back. The sense of urgency in her touch kept his nerves alive.
Greg stopped immediately and turned around. “I got it. I’m good.” He nodded to her, knowing the nurse was needed back in that room. Not out there to babysit him or make sure he found a good seat in the waiting room.
She pinched her lips tight and touched his arm. “I’ll be back and forth to give you updates.”
He’d been waiting for, And it’ll be fine. The lack of that encouragement sliced through him, and his legs turned to rubber.
Another arm secured him. “Greg, what’s going on?” Andrew’s deep voice stung with worry.
“I. . . I don’t know.” Greg ran a hand through his hair, staring at his shoes. When he looked up, several more eyes were glued to his.
“How’s my Faith?” Madeline clutched on to Skye, her face scrunched in anxiety.
“She’s fine, but they’re intubating her. One of the babies is in distress.” He braced himself through all the gasps.
“Oh, my poor Faith.” Madeline’s hands rushed to her face, and Skye helped her into a seat.
“Hang on,” Edward jumped in. “She’s having twins. She’s a small woman. It’s quite common for one baby to have a little trouble.” He wasn’t a doctor, but his EMT training and volunteering with the fire department had put him in the middle of many different medical scenarios.
Still it didn’t ease Greg’s anxiety.
“Are they doing the C-Section now?” Skye asked, her hand closing around Edward’s wrist.
 “Yes,” Greg said then cleared his throat with difficultly.
“Let’s all take a seat and say a few prayers.” Martin stepped up to Greg and took his arm.
After Faith, Greg would always go to his father.
In a seat, Greg closed his eyes and waited for his wife to deliver his sons.

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