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SOME MORNINGS: A New City, and a Sexy Morning Arrangement, Gave These Friends A Second Chance at Love

With: J.L. Lora

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Hello again,

Some Mornings is my newest book. It’s a standalone, second chance romance about two people who find each other again during a low point in their lives. It does have a sister story, Some Nights. I like to call these sister books because the heroines (Saona and Sierra) are Dominican sisters from New York.

In all my books there are always prevalent elements like family, friendships, and love that breaks the rules. I like to say that my characters are not 100% bad nor 100% good but 100% human. Neither Sierra nor Matt are perfect. They’re flawed and don’t always make the right decisions but they’re loyal, downright good, and passionate. I hope you check out Some Mornings.


New city.  New job.  New life.

Recently divorced single-mom, Sierra Torres’ life is a hot mess. And now, her car’s been stolen.  When she reports the theft, a tall and broad-shouldered blast from her past walks in. Years ago, he disappeared without a trace after a perfect seven minutes in heaven 

The provider.  The supporter.  The survivor.  

Police officer Matthew Hunter lives to serve and protect, not only the people of Baltimore City, but what’s left of his family. He’s the responsible one—the reliable cop. Seeing Sierra again ignites a fire in him he thought he extinguished a long time ago. One look into her fiery brown eyes and it all comes back.  But Sierra's not interested in romance—just a little fun.  

However, hearts have a mind of their own.  Feelings deepen each time they see each other.  Soon, that’s not enough. They crave more. But when things begin to unravel after their past catches up with them, are their seven minutes in heaven over for good? 


The front door swings open and a tall police officer with enviable curls walks in. She looks around, her fingers hooking into the belt of her uniform pants. Her eyes move past me and rest on Jax for longer than necessary. “Someone reported a car stolen?”
Jax comes from around the bar and she’s still got her eyes on him.
I climb off the stool and wave in front of her face until her brown eyes are staring straight into mine. “Yes, it’s mine.”
“I’m officer Wicker and that’s my partner, Officer Hunter.” She moves aside as another police officer steps in. He towers over her by a foot. He has a shaved head and quarter-water-blue eyes I would know anywhere. They’re a flashback that floods me with memories of long chats, teenage angst, hormones, and hanging out on the rooftop of my Bronx building. It can’t be
He blinks a few times and even shakes his head. “Sierra? What the hell are you doing here?”
It is him.
“I work here. What are you doing in a cop’s uniform?”
He looks at his partner, who’s staring at him with interest, and clears his throat. “My family moved to Maryland years ago. So your car got stolen, huh?”
The abrupt change has me blinking fast, but I recover. “Yeah. It was parked in the alleyway behind the bar.”
His partner moves further into the room, looking around. “Do you have cameras?”
“Yes, the monitors are in the office,” Jax answers.
“Let’s go check them out,” she says.
I start to follow them. There’s no way I’m leaving her with my sister’s man. She’s looking mighty thirsty and eyeing Jax like he’s a Big Gulp.
“Sierra, you show me the alleyway,” Matt says.
We make our way to the back and as soon as we’re at enough distance from his partner, he places a heavy hand on my shoulder. I turn to face him. His warm eyes and that bashful smile take me way back. 
“I’m sorry I cut you off. Not many people know about my old history and I don’t share.”
I shrug. “No worries. You’re on duty. And that’s the craziest statement in the world. Dare-Me-Matt is a cop. Who the fuck would give you a badge?”
His laughter is instant, bubbling from deep inside, and triggers my first smile of the day.
He takes my arm and rushes me out the back door. “I’ll have you know, I’m a respectable police officer now, Ms. Torres. I catch hell-raisers.”
“Ten years ago, you were the… I forgot we can’t talk about that. I’ll have to keep that as our secret, I guess.”
He leans forward until we are almost nose to nose. “It will go into the vault with all those other secrets we kept before.”

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J. L. Lora is a Dominican-American author. Her stories explore the dark side of good characters, people living in the gray areas of life while playing the cards life has dealt them. She loves strong heroines and their equally powerful Men. She currently lives in Maryland, pursuing her dream of writing compelling, sexy, can’t-put-down stories about empowered, badass alpha heroines and take-your-breath-away alpha heroes. You can find her and or chat her up on Social Media.

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