Monday, September 9, 2019

The Rancher's Family

We’ve just crossed off Labor Day on the calendar but I’m already thinking a few weeks ahead. I love fall for many reasons, including the holidays we celebrate during the season.  Because, you know. . . Halloween. . . Thanksgiving. . . food. LOL Who can pass up candy—especially chocolate candy—and a turkey dinner!

Right now, though, I’m celebrating another special occasion. A book birthday.

The Rancher’s Family, the latest in my Hitching Post Hotel series, released just last week. Coincidentally, the story takes place during early fall, and the opening scene involves one of my favorite foods.  And maybe yours? 

Book Blurb:

“Are you my new mommy?”

She certainly hopes so…

After a devastating loss, Cara Leonetti’s dreams of a husband and children are on hold. But Cowboy Creek’s local matchmaker thinks otherwise! And Cara finds herself unexpectedly entangled in the day-to-day family chaos of widower Wes Daniels and his two small children. She’s falling hard, but the strong, silent rancher doesn’t trust in love. Can Cara put her own fears aside and show Wes that they’re stronger together?

Excerpt from The Rancher’s Family. Cara’s awkward first meeting with Wes is made better—or worse?—when a literal run-in with his young son destroys her dessert:

Cara stooped to pluck the ice cream from the floor just as the cowboy crouched in front of his son. Almost eye level with them both, she could now see the rest of the man’s face—a very nice face, tanned and topped by a pair of dark eyes and darker eyebrows. As he looked at Mark, one side of his mouth curved in a wry half smile. Finally.

That sign of caring filled her with relief. Yes, another overreaction, but so worth the reminder some men cared about their children.

He said quietly to his son, “You knocked this lady’s ice cream on the floor when you ran past her.”

“I did?” Mark’s mouth dropped open in surprise. He stared at Cara, his eyes the same dark brown shade as his father’s and now rounded in dismay. “Sorry, ma’am.”

He seemed so sincere and sounded so polite, just like the cowboys out at the Hitching Post. She could almost see Mark tugging on a hat brim.

“That’s okay,” she told him. “You didn’t mean it to happen—I know. It was an accident.”

“What do you think we ought to do about it?” the cowboy asked his son.

“Buy new ice cream,” the child said instantly.

Again, the cowboy gave that half smile. “Sounds like a plan, pardner.”

He and Cara rose at the same time. “I appreciate the offer, but actually, it’s not necessary. I’m having dinner at a friend’s soon. I probably—” definitely “—didn’t need the cone, anyhow. You don’t have to worry about getting me another one.”

“Sorry, ma’am.” He sounded exactly like a grown-up version of Mark. “My son thinks otherwise. And so do I.”

Mark stood beside them, hopping from foot to foot, obviously eager to have his dessert but just as interested in this conversation.

Shrugging, she gave in. She tossed her ruined cone into the nearby trash bin and grabbed some napkins to wipe her shoe and hands. “Okay, then.”

Mark’s daddy wasn’t going to change his mind, especially not after he’d made a point of getting the boy to accept responsibility. And how could she fault the man for that? In fact, she admired him for making sure his son did what he thought the situation demanded.

Besides, replacing the cone had been Mark’s idea. And while she might be able to say no to the daddy, she couldn’t turn down his child.

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  1. I really like this book cover.

    1. Thanks, Kim! The Art Department really did a great job with this one. :)

  2. Happy Book B-day! :)

    1. Thanks, Colleen! It's always great to celebrate having a new release.

  3. Thanks for sharing my book and excerpt! I'm looking forward to chatting here this week.

  4. Happy Book Birthday and I can't wait to dive into this book Thank you for blogging today about it! Peggy Clayton

    1. Peggy - it's always a pleasure to stop by JCR. :)

      Thanks for the kind words about the book. I sincerely hope you enjoy the story!

  5. Thank you, Natalija! I was thrilled the first time I saw it. :)


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