Thursday, September 19, 2019

No Looking Back

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No Looking Back is my second book in the Bindarra Creek series which is written by a group of Australian writers.

I always find a new romance is exciting, fun, intense and full of possibilities - except in this story - where Hannah and Blake have a past working collaboration which led to disastrous results for one of them. It's a past that can't be brushed aside because the fall-out is physical and can be seen at the heroine's property. I divide my time between the Hunter Valley and Sydney where I get the train to work. I love to sit in the last row in the carriage and watch and listen. One day I sat beside two girls who were showing pictures of their dates for that Friday night. They had met them via Tinder and as I listened I got caught up in their excitement, and then they discussed what excuse they would use to walk if they don't get a 'spark'. This is where I got the idea for my story, except Hannah and Blake get the 'spark' at the first meeting, before they discover their past.

Hannah McKenna loves working with horses and is trying hard to keep it altogether after her first horse deal turns sour. She runs into trouble when she meets Blake Hudson – the man who put together the failed deal – who rescues her when she takes a nasty tumble from a horse.

Blake Hudson is known as Mr Nice Guy, but there are dark shadows in his past. He’s the dealmaker, the perfect go-between who puts together horse syndications and once the deal is done he moves on. Problem is, Hannah is the exception and he can’t keep away, but fears she will walk if she knew the truth about his past.

He hadn’t bargained on dealing with a mischievous third party called attraction.
When she discovers the truth, both realise they could lose everything, including each other.

Author Biography:
Linda Charles has been reading romance since high school. Her reading life started very early, but changed direction after she read Gone with the Wind. She was born in Sydney and spent her teenage years in drama classes, and then taught Speech & Drama for many years. She still loves to go to the theatre, but her plan was always to write. Linda works in Sydney and when she's not writing, she can be found in the Hunter Valley walking, browsing the bookshops or planning her next holiday.

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