Friday, September 27, 2019


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Chronicling a widow, squarely in her mid-fifties, as she navigates her new life after the loss of her husband to cancer five years ago. A career driven interior designer, the protagonist Leila Brandt is stunning and possesses business-savvy as well as sophistication; however, she’s not ready for change in the romance department. After surviving the unimaginable, she’s buried her feelings of despair and grown accustomed to the routine of her single life.

Leila copes with her profound loneliness by channeling her energies into her business and close circle of grown children, family, and friends. Her formula works until she meets Ayden Doyle, an arrogant but hypnotically-appealing architect, at a new client’s home. Divorced for 25 years, Ayden is open about his aversion to commitment and the family obligations that come with long-term relationships. He’s also had significant experience with wooing women, and Leila gets to know firsthand that he’s very good at it. Still, despite her reservations, the astounding chemistry between them is impossible to ignore, and she finds herself beginning to fall under his spell. Ayden, meanwhile, finds Leila unlike the younger women who have occupied his time in the past, and is drawn to her intellectual depth, style, creativity, sense of humor, and sexual allure. Leopards may not change their spots―but if anyone can tame the beast, it will be Leila.

And Now There’s You proves that love will prevaileven when we suffer great losswhen all we expect in life is that our first love will last forever. But what ensures that love will last, especially the second time around when the romantic embers of youth have seemingly been extinguished? “I believe that just as in real life, the lovers in a novel are bound by an ineluctable and magnetic chemistry--the perception of one another’s attributes that each finds desirable, admirable, and sexually arousing,” says Etkin. “There’s an interplay of personalities, physical attractiveness, and deep connections possibly involving careers, talents, interests, cultures, conversations and the like. This truly unique and intense phenomenon can happen at any age and engenders feelings, that given enough time and multiple opportunities, may lead to a romantic relationship with staying power, a true attachment where, at times, desire overtakes all reason. This is the experience, one filled with excitement, optimism, and vision, I hope to invoke with readers of And Now There’s You.

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