Saturday, August 10, 2019

The guy who wouldn’t go quietly into the night…

Once upon a time in 2016, I published a book about Jacques, a French billionaire who fell in love with a girl on the run (The Vintner and The Vixen). That billionaire had a half brother, Daniel, who also wanted a shot at love. So Daniel got a book too (The Playboy and The Single Mum). In the course of writing Daniel’s book, I discovered he had another half brother, an Argentine property developer and vintner named Santiago. Santiago (Tiago to his friends) had taken custody of his traumatized niece and needed a wife to fight a custody battle, so of course he got a book as well (The Tycoon and The Teacher). There, I was done my trilogy; all the brothers got their happily-ever-afters.

Then Eduardo, Tiago’s lawyer and friend, started whispering in my ear. He wanted to tell his story about the woman who’d trampled his heart in her ambition to be a singing superstar. But I was done with the Vintage Love series, I told him. Besides, he wasn’t even a vintner. His reply was that neither was Daniel who was a Formula 1 race car driver. But at least Daniel (when he wasn’t racing) lived on a vineyard. Eduardo had no claim to the grapes. The guy wouldn’t shut up though. Every time I sat down to plot a new book, Eduardo would be there asking if it was his turn yet. He’d become a partner in Tiago’s development company and wanted a fresh start with a new romance.

Fine. I’ll write your darn story, Eduardo. But you’re going to have to get over your first girlfriend. You can’t move on with any other woman properly until you resolve things with Anna. Well, they’re resolved now. And I invite you to catch up with the rest of the couples and read the long-awaited conclusion to the Vintage Love series with The Developer and The Diva.

Para siempre means forever. That’s what they’d promised one another. Then she left.
Now she’s back, and para siempre is just two words written on the wall of the community center he’s determined to tear down … and she wants to save.
Eduardo Forenza’s property development project hits a snag when a protest committee recruits a celebrity to head up their cause. But the Argentinian developer grew up on the rough streets of La Boca—he’s not going to be intimidated by some big shot who’s never felt the cold bite of hunger. When the star who stands in his way turns out to be the same woman who ripped out his heart and used it to fuel her rise to fame, he’s determined to purge her from his system once and for all. If only he didn’t have to keep rescuing her first.
Anna Marquez is known to the world as the singing sensation Angel. Launched into stardom by an avaricious mother, Anna had to leave everything behind, including the man she’s never stopped loving. Now she’s back in Buenos Aires to bury her beloved grandmother and solve an intimate dilemma. But when her personal problem is overshadowed by attempts on her life, Anna flees to the one place she feels safe: Eduardo’s arms.
Will the pain of the past be too much to overcome, or will they gamble again on a love to last para siempre?

Set in Buenos Aires and Mendoza, Argentina The Developer and The Diva is a sweeping second chance love story with sizzling chemistry and family drama.

Frank Sinatra had done things his way with a few regrets. Anna had only the one. But it was a doozy—and it had just walked into the room.

Her heart pounded so loudly she was sure the microphone would pick it up and broadcast her distress to the entire audience. It’d been torture enough walking through the halls of the building that held so many of her most treasured memories: her first kiss, her first dance, and the moment when her heart had switched ownership, only to be thrown back at her three years later with permanent cleat marks embedded in it.

The co-owner of those memories, and the guy who’d trampled her racing organ, was walking towards her, looking like he’d slice her to pieces given the opportunity.

And she couldn’t really blame him. She’d burned their relationship to the ground. Then she’d flung the ashes to the wind and made a million dollars. Several million, actually.

However, if Eduardo hadn’t been so pigheaded, arrogant, and, well … macho, maybe they’d have had a different ending. Or no ending. And she wouldn’t be faced with her current dilemma.

Now there was a thought to make her squirm in her chair.

That was an issue for another day. This instant, her focus was on why Eduardo would show up here now. Was he about to denounce her as a fraud, as a woman who sang of love but was incapable of the emotion? He’d be wrong.

Maybe he was another ‘celebrity’ here to lend his support to the opposition, hoping to halt the destruction of a neighborhood landmark. His rugby career had been incredibly short, but he’d been hailed as a national hero when he’d scored the winning try in Argentina’s one and only victory over New Zealand’s All Blacks. Was he still riding that claim to fame? Surprisingly—or not, given the way they’d ended—he’d never cashed in on his role as her first boyfriend.

Looking at him now, boyfriend was not the word that came to mind. Madre de Dios, he’d become a stunning man. He’d always been taller than most, his shoulders and chest strong enough to give her respite from all her fears. Now they were even more magnificent. He might no longer be a professional athlete, but he clearly hadn’t stopped his fitness routine. Desire trampled regret in its bid to be the overwhelming emotion of the moment.

She shifted in her chair. Eduardo would take the empty seat next to hers. Long-suppressed memories surfaced of his muscled thighs pressed against hers, and her skin warmed. With her pale coloring, soon everyone in the room would know she wanted him.

The blood that had moments ago flushed her cheeks receded like a cockroach in the light when Eduardo took a chair at the opposite table. What? He wanted to destroy this place? Their gazes met for a split second and she audibly caught her breath at the loathing she saw in his mocha brown eyes. He definitely hadn’t forgiven her.

Get your copy of The Developer and The Diva and enjoy this sweeping romance set in Argentina.


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