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Hi everyone! I’m Inara and I’m so excited to share Connor and Zoe’s story with you! As awesome as I am, I know what you really want is to READ THE BOOK, so here’s an excerpt. Just so you know the set up, Connor and Zoe have worked together and been friends for years, but everything changes when she gets in a scooter accident (seriously, those things are dangerous!) and she lands in his arms—and under his close personal supervision! 

Just for fun, leave me a comment about an embarrassing accident you had (fall off a curb on a date? Spill your coffee on your blouse before a big meeting?) and you’ll be entered to win an adorable Bad Angels T-shirt!

Connor was waiting next to the ferry ticket shop when he saw her walk in. She wore a long black coat belted tightly around the waist and had traded the strappy shoes she’d been wearing at their meeting for a pair of absurdly sexy high-heeled leather boots. A soft-looking hat tumbled to one side, covering her head and ears. Her lips—full and glossy, in some shade of lipstick that made him think of late-summer cherries—hit him from across the room, just like they had when she’d walked into the conference room earlier that day.
He wanted to kiss her.
No, he needed to kiss her.
But he was absolutely, positively not going to kiss her.
He watched her walk toward him, fighting to conceal the desire in his gaze. He could tell the moment she recognized him. She straightened and nodded in greeting, neutral and friendly. But as the weight of his stare reached her across the room, her entire gait changed. Her lips softened. Her eyes filled with anticipation.
And then he knew. She wanted this. She wanted him. No matter what they had said, whatever was happening between them hadn’t ended that night at Temptation.
It had only just begun.
She stopped in front of him. Her eyes were hungry as they flicked across his face and body. Her tongue darted out and slid across her bottom lip. “Connor.”
“Zoe.” He didn’t reach out. Didn’t touch her. No matter that his entire body had gone rigid the moment he saw her.
“I have one question to ask you,” she said.
“A question?” His brows drew together in surprise. “Okay, go ahead.”
She leaned slightly forward and took a hold of his lapel. “Were you looking at my lips today?”
“Fuck, Zoe,” he muttered. “You know I was.”
Helplessly, he circled her waist with his hands. Her heels brought her height closer to his, and he drew her into his arms. She held on tight, tugging his coat until their bodies were touching.
His nerves went into overdrive at the feeling of her snugged against him. He’d never experienced this kind of need before. It was primitive.
“Were you thinking about this?” she asked. “Were you thinking about kissing me?”
“I haven’t stopped.” He took control then, accepting the invitation she had extended to drag his lips across hers. Her flesh was sweet spice, hot and needy. He explored her lips, caressed them, then sought entry, tracing the seam with his tongue before plunging inside.
Heat pulsed through every inch of his body. There were people all around them. It was rush hour, and the chance that they’d be recognized was too high to contemplate. Yet that knowledge did little to dampen the need that had been unleashed. They consumed each other, breathtaking desire slamming into him like a runaway train. His world was her lips. His universe, her body.
He didn’t know which of them pulled away, but when their lips parted, reluctantly, he traced a hand down the side of her jaw. Need still gripped him, and he had to fight to loosen his hold. Her eyes were liquid, pupils dilated. She clung to him like she might topple over.
“Zoe, I…”
She stopped whatever he might have started to say, slapping her open palm lightly on his chest. “We aren’t talking about this,” she said fiercely. “Don’t you dare talk about it.”
“I mean it. Talk to me about bridge. Tell me about whiskey and motorcycles. But don’t you dare talk about this.” She gestured back and forth between them. “Whatever this is.”
He lowered his mouth to cover hers and nipped lightly at her lower lip. “Can I tell you what I want to do right now?” he whispered. “Can I tell you something that has nothing to do with bridge or whiskey, but could involve my bike?”
Her eyelids fluttered, and she gripped the lapel of his coat. “Not if you want me to stay upright,” she said.
He chuckled softly, the desire in her eyes headier than any drug could be. “What makes you think that’s what I want?”


As close friends and coworkers, attorney Zoe Riva and tech genius Connor Ashton know they can never get involved.

Until a scooter accident lands Zoe in Connor's arms—and his overnight custody—and she starts to see a man she's never seen before. With her career and her heart on the line, Zoe can't afford to take any chances. But when combustible chemistry takes over, even the smartest people in the room can make the biggest of mistakes…
Each book in the Bad Angels series is STANDALONE:
* Heartbreaker
* Temptation

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  1. Embarrassing... well one time I was out with my family and we took a short cut... I saw a small mud puddle and decided to jump over it... well that did not work out. I ended up catching the edge of it and fell back in... soaked through my clothes... they still tease me about it whenever they see a muddy puddle.

    1. I love it! Too bad there's no video--you could have made it on America's Funniest Home Videos!

  2. accidentally walked into a door

    1. Ouch! Hopefully no injuries other than to your pride!

  3. I apologized to a mail box I bumped into as I was talking to my friends as we were walking back to work - they burst out laughing.

  4. Uh, I might or might not have walked into a sliding glass door. In my defense, it was a VERY clean door!


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