Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Time to Celebrate Christmas in July!

Celebrate these brand new novellas from some of our favorite contemporary romance authors – out now!

Title: Among the Stars
Author: Terri Osburn
Series: A Shooting Stars Novella

Veronica Shepherd thought she was fine. She thought she was over her ex-husband. But now said ex-husband is marrying his high school sweetheart–the only woman he’s ever really loved–and Veronica is not taking the news well. In fact, she’s spending Christmas Eve drinking herself into oblivion, and into the arms of one sexy bartender.

Based on his childhood alone, Cameron Rhodes should either be in prison, in rehab, or six feet under. Instead, he’s spent the last twenty years building a life that no one could have predicted. Now, to his own disgust, he’s been named one of Nashville’s most eligible bachelors—mostly because he’s one of the wealthiest men in town. A rich mortal among the stars.

Cam’s life is turned upside down when a beautiful woman passes out in his arms. With nothing but a dead cell phone and a useless coat check ticket to go on, his only option is to take her home and let her sleep it off in the safety of his apartment. What follows is an adventure he never saw coming.

Before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, Veronica and Cam pretend to be lovers, become lovers, and toy with the possibility of becoming so much more.

Title: An Unplanned Christmas
Author: Lizzie Shane
Series: Yours for Christmas

Event planner Rachel Persopoulos doesn’t have an impulsive bone in her body. The one time she threw caution to the wind, she wound up alone and pregnant, just like her mother before her. Now her life as a single mom only works because of her determined avoidance of anything that isn’t part of her plans. But when her boss assigns her a massive Christmas charity fundraiser, she learns the celebrity face of the event is the one person she never planned on seeing again.

All-Star catcher Cameron Cole never stopped thinking about the woman who dumped him via text message two years ago—though he never expected to find her coordinating a celebrity bachelor auction. He’d fallen hard for Rachel, and when she ghosted on him he'd told himself it was for the best. He’d been in the middle of a messy divorce—which, yes, he should have told her about, but she should definitely have told him he’d fathered a child! 

When he meets his baby daughter for the first time, Cam knows instantly that he wants to be part of her life—a desire which becomes more complicated when he realizes he still has feelings for her mother.

Rachel isn’t sure she can trust Cam again, but if he isn’t the married playboy she thought was using her, could he be exactly what she needs? She wasn’t planning on letting him back into her life, but this Christmas nothing is going as planned…

Find out more about these amazing Christmas-themed romances, and pick up your copies today!

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