Sunday, June 9, 2019

Exclusive Excerpt from My Best Friend’s Ex

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My Best Friend’s Ex is a story about two friends falling in love in the wake of tragedy. Trevor’s ex-wife, Lisa, suddenly dies and her best friend, Callie, steps up to help Trevor with the kids. After Lisa’s death, the kids decide they would prefer to continue living in the house they shared with their mom instead of moving into Trevor’s place. Trevor moves into the guest room but knows that someone has to go through Lisa’s things. Callie volunteers to clean out Lisa’s bedroom. In this scene, we see the friendship Callie and Trevor share before they kiss for the first time.

The opening and closing door downstairs startled her. She’d wanted to get everything done before Hannah and Evan came home. She’d thought she had the time. “Hello?” she called.
She walked into the hall and looked downstairs to see Trevor walking through the living room peeling off a wet shirt.
Once it was over his head, he looked up and saw her staring. “Hey, sorry. I didn’t know you were here.”
“No problem. I’m just finishing up in Lisa’s room.”
“Thanks. I need to change. One of the new laborers had a hard time understanding the concept of making sure the water was turned off.” He held up his dripping shirt. “I’ll be out of your hair in a few.”
“Actually, if you have a few minutes, I have stuff for you to look at so I know what to do with it.”
He nodded and disappeared around the corner toward his room. She pretended not to stare at his back. And his arms. And all the muscle created from hard work. With a deep breath, she went back to the guest room.
She gathered the letters and cards. She put them back in the box while she waited for Trevor to come up. Hopefully, with a shirt on.
A minute later he was in the room. “Wow. You cleared out everything?”
“Yeah. I have a few boxes in my car to drop off. And then there’s this.” She tapped the box.
He sat beside her and waited for an explanation.
“It has your wedding album and letters and cards. Little mementos of your relationship with Lisa.”
He blew out a breath and pulled the box closer. He looked inside, pulled out a little teddy bear. “I can’t believe she kept this.” He held it up. “I won this at a neighborhood carnival on one of our first dates. She teased me about not winning her one of the big prizes.”
Callie’s heart squeezed again, and she stood to give Trevor privacy. He reached out and took her hand.
Pulling her back to the bed, he whispered, “Please stay.”
She sat next to him and watched as he pulled out a stack of letters. He looked at a couple of cards and moved them aside.
“Why the hell did she keep all of this?”
“Because they were fond memories. You were in love and had a good relationship for a long time.”
“But I ruined it. I thought she would’ve burned everything.”
“She loved you. You weren’t a monster.”
He grunted.
Callie stood and moved in front of him. “I don’t think I need to tell you that alcoholism is a disease. You know that. But you were never a monster.”
“Don’t make excuses for me.”
“Don’t make Lisa out to be a saint. It took both of you to mess up your marriage.” She reached into the box. “There are pages and pages of proof that you are a good man.”
“Maybe at one time.”
“You are now.” She dropped the letters back and touched his jaw. The sadness she saw on his face broke her. He had no faith in himself. She lowered and pressed her lips to his. She meant to offer him reassurance, but at the contact, her system buzzed to life. She stroked his lips with hers. When he opened, she kissed him in earnest, stroking her tongue along his, tasting the coffee he’d undoubtedly had with his lunch.
The kiss was slow, spreading warmth through her body. His hand in her hair brought her back to reality, and she jerked back.
Touching her lips, she stared at him with wide eyes. From behind her fingers, she mumbled, “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking.”
She backed away and then sprinted down the stairs. Trevor called her name, but she didn’t stop. She ran to her car and started the engine. In the rearview mirror, she saw the boxes of Lisa’s clothes. Guilt swamped her. She’d kissed her best friend’s ex-husband. What the hell was wrong with her?

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