Thursday, May 16, 2019

Summer Countdown!

With: CJ Miller

The countdown to summer break has started in our house.

Every summer, my family makes a list of the things we want to do together. My children’s list includes roasting s'mores, creating sidewalk chalk art, and swimming whenever possible.

This year, I've made a list for myself, an Adult Summer To Do List.


1. Make a door wreath with the shells we collect at the beach.

2. Read a book, then see the movie. (I'm thinking the Hunger Games. I feel like the last person who's NOT read it and I hear it's awesome.)

3. Grow something new in my garden. We grow herbs, strawberries, peppers, tomatoes, pumpkins and cucumbers, but I want to try carrots, corn, and radishes.

4. Create some KINDNESS ROCKS and leave them around town at my favorite places.
5. Backyard bonfire - adults only!

6. Attend an outdoor concert.

7. Go Geocaching – worldwide scavenger hunt.

8. Go to the farmers market at least once to stock up on fruits, vegetables and honey.
9. Make homemade ice cream.

10. Try a new author and read ALL her books*.

*If you're looking for an author to try, I'd love for you to give my latest book - The Maestro - a read.


Falling for her hot Irish boss was never her plan...

Rae Davis moved to New York City for the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to work as an assistant to the virtuoso music conductor Kieran Gallagher. But Rae's dream job becomes a nightmare when she falls hopelessly in love with the Maestro.

Having eyes and ears only for his music, he’s oblivious to her feelings.

Unable to stand being so close to someone so untouchable, Rae throws away her dream and walks away.

When Rae leaves, Kieran first considers it merely a nuisance to find a new assistant. But he soon realizes that he’s lost more than just a person to fetch him coffee and manage his paperwork. He’s lost the very muse for his music, the soul of his composition. Without Rae in his life, the Maestro's music is barren and empty, lacking the beauty and wonder that brought it to life.

Will the Maestro risk his own heart to win Rae back, or will his music go silent forever?

If you read it, let me know what you think -
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What's a summer must-do for you?

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