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With: Shana Gray

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Hi everyone!

I’m thrilled to be here and give you an excerpt and tell you a little bit about my newest release A MATCH MADE IN MONACO. It’s the final, in the 4 book series GIRLS WEEKEND AWAY. This time we’re jetting off to Monaco for a wedding. I won’t tell you who’s wedding, because that would be a spoiler. This is Fredi and Zayn’s story, but all the girls and their sexy men are back together to celebrate the big day.

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Fredi peered through the old glass panes when she heard the sound of tires crunching on the driveway and saw a sleek, very sporty car emerge from between the trees.

She left the greenhouse and shut the door behind her. The top was down on the sports car and Zayn looked very enticing behind the wheel. That damn earlier flutter in her belly came back with a vengeance. It was one thing to see him on the screen of a movie theater or her laptop, but in person? Whew. When he spotted her, the look of delight on his face gave Fredi a little thrill. She tried to hide it behind a poker face. Stones crunched and flew from beneath the wheels as he pulled to a stop in front of her. Fredi stared down at him and, for the briefest moment, liked the little flutter inside her.

But here he was, the man behind the phone, tablet and silver screen. He looked totally dashing in his car, like an old-style movie star, handsome, mysterious. His skin was deeply tanned, his dark hair windblown, and a pair of very stylish and obviously expensive pewter-colored sunglasses shielded his eyes. But it was his smile that made her almost melt into a puddle – which surprised the hell out of her – a smile she grudgingly accepted she’d been eager to see in real life.

She had just reached for the handle of the passenger side door when he hopped from the car and swept her into a bear hug, before pulling back and kissing her cheeks in greeting. She barely had time to register the feeling of his body, hard, warm and solid, against hers before he was opening the door for her.

“You look absolutely gorgeous, as to be expected. Hop into my chariot, ma chérie.”

Fredi felt slightly stunned as she gazed at this sexy man. He oozed a sensuality that was tangible and it draped over her in a wonderfully erotic wave. Fredi sucked in a steadying breath, taken aback at her heightened attraction to him. There was no doubt she was very in tune with him and it almost made her want to drag him back to her room in the château and get him naked. She slid on to the leather seat. He gently closed the door and, as he walked around the car, she took a moment to collect herself and watch him. Wowza – he moved with a stealthy grace that made her heart pound. If Ava was here, she’d be babbling about love. Tilting her head away, she shook it a little. More like lust, am I right? Good God, he was way hotter in person.

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Shana Gray writes contemporary romance and women’s fiction that just might make you laugh. With 30 books behind her, some translated into multiple languages, she’s always eyeing the next story line. She lives in a small town in Ontario, Canada, is a mom of two grown sons, a brand new daughter-in-law, and is her black cat’s human. When she’s not writing or at her day job, she can be found daydreaming about life, usually with a glass of wine or cocktail in hand and making travel plans to far off lands to feed her wanderlust. Her newest series – Girl’s Weekend Away – is out now.

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