Sunday, April 7, 2019

A Secret Bid Leads to Six Weeks’ of Dates...and Love Unbidden

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Love can grow from the unlikeliest of places. In Sarah and Chance’s case...they were given a not-so-subtle nudge together by some of Sarah’s friends. When their high school hosts a benefit auction, Sarah’s best friends bid on Chance for Sarah in secret...hoping that it would help her get over a bad breakup. They just wanted her to get out and have some fun with a nice (hot) guy. Well, we all know what they say about the best laid plans…..

Ms. Karon opened the paper, leaned into the microphone and read, “And the winner of this year's Bachelors for a Cause Auction Raffle for six weeks of dates with Chance DuPont is…”
     I held my breath.
     “Sarah Campbell! Congratulations, Sarah!”
     Wait, what? Sarah bid on me? I jerked my head over to her table, sure I had to be hearing things.
     The expression on her face assured me she was just as shocked to hear her name being called as I was. And more than that, she looked downright pissed.
     “Sarah, why don't you come on up here for a photo?” Ms. Karon beamed.
     Sarah looked ready to chew nails. Her head swiveled back and forth so fast as she whispered to her two friends that I half-expected it to pop right off any second.
     “Sarah? Where are you?” Ms. Karon looked around the room, probably wondering why the person who'd just forked over three hundred bucks wasn't cartwheeling her way up to the stage to claim her prize.
     I noticed Emma gave Sarah a small push to get her out of the seat, but Sarah wasn't budging. The evil side of me took over. I walked to the edge of the stage. “There she is!” I pointed straight at her, giving her a wicked grin. She glared at me.
     I hopped off the edge of the stage and walked over to her. I bent down until I was a breath away from her ear and whispered, “Listen, you may not like me, and right now I don't really give a damn. But all of these people worked way too hard on this for you to ruin it for them. So you're going to get up out of that chair, stand up, walk on that stage and stand next to me. And you're going to smile the entire time you're doing it, or so help me god I'll pick you up and carry you up there myself.” I stared her in the eyes so she knew I meant it. “Got it?”
     She gritted her teeth. “Got it.”
     I backed up to give her room to stand. I had a feeling we didn’t have to worry about winning class couple in the yearbook.

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  1. I'd be pretty shocked! Imaginary me would likely enjoy it! Real me? I'd be puzzled how to juggle this with my family and husband ;) Maybe he'd be willing to help out with homework and housework...


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