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There are men you stay away from. Men that you know from that first moment you see them are dangerous.

There are also men that despite the warning they emit, there’s an allure. You’re drawn to them, the promise of lust too great to ignore. Salvatore is one of those men.

Most men like a describe I caution you to keep your distance from. Those instincts to run and hide are just. But those few men, those that something deep within you tells you there’s more to them than muscle and brutal strength are worth that second glance and maybe a little more.

I loved HBO’s the Sopranos. I was one of those people who never missed and episode—so taken by the storytelling and superb acting, that when Sunday night arrived, I scrambled to get everything done so I could just sit and watch the dirty and shocking of it all.

The Sopranos had everything you wanted in a show, everything but one truly good guy worthy of hero status. Let’s be real. No one was a decent person on that show. Everyone had their own agenda, be it commitment to the Family or the purely selfish drive to survive.

When I started developing Salvatore, I wanted—no, needed—that anti-hero so sexy you couldn’t walk away from despite the lethality that comes from belonging to the underground world of organized crime. I also wanted someone you could root for, dirty talk and arrogance aside. What better way to do that than to make him fall for the good girl with an even better heart?

Adrianna is a high school counselor who is working with Apollo and Gianno, Salvatore’s young brothers who Salvatore has guardianship over. When the young men start getting in to trouble at school, Adrianna tries to reach out to Salvatore to no avail. Adrianna doesn’t want to lose another child to the system and decides to confront Salvatore directly. Below is the scene of their first meeting and one of my favorite moments between them.


I drive my trusty white Volkswagen Beetle through one of the rougher sections of the city, but when my navigation system takes me past the area and into one of the more up and coming neighborhoods, I’m more than a little surprised. I find a spot across the street from the building when I realize the underground garage is strictly reserved for its residents.
Perhaps it’s better. It might be a nice neighborhood, but I avoid garages at all costs. I make my way quickly across the street, shuddering when the brisk air smacks against my legs and billows my skirt. I stop in front of the main door. Unlike the other mailboxes, the Romero residence isn’t marked by a name. But I have the apartment number and that’s all I need. That, and access to the lobby, which I quickly gain when an older woman slips out.
The building can’t be more than a few years old, something I find confusing. If Mr. Romero can afford something this upscale, I don’t understand why he isn’t more invested in his brothers’ futures.
I tried calling him to warn him that I was stopping by, only to hear a deep male voice on the voicemail say, “You know what to do,” followed by a beep. The blatant arrogance in his tone shocked me and left me with an impression that this so-called guardian is nothing more than a thug. But given where he and the boys live, I can only determine he’s too caught up in himself to worry about those who clearly need him as a role model.
I slip out of the elevator and hurry to apartment 4B, stopping only to text Jalisa and let her know I arrived. I take a breath before knocking, reminding myself I’m a strong, educated woman despite my young age, and that there’s no reason to be intimidated. When only silence greets me, I tell myself I can’t just give up. This boy needs me, so I knock again. By my third knock, I’ll admit, I’m discouraged. How can I help Apollo if his one parental influence is constantly unavailable? I knock again, this time harder. If this Salvatore guy is truly a PR rep who works evenings, he should be home―
The door swings open. “What the fuck?”
My eyes widen at the bulk of muscle standing at the door. This man is at least six-two, shaved head, wearing black boxers that fall slightly below the “V” at his waist, exposing a set of abs hard enough to grind diamonds, and arms and legs that belong on a seasoned wrestler.
Now would be a good time for that confident young woman to make an appearance―the one who came here―the one whose jaw isn’t dangling to her toes―the one who no longer has glasses strong enough to see into orbit, or teeth so bucked they end in another zip code.
The man’s tight face and stance relax as he leans his shoulder against the door frame. His brown eyes rake the length of my body, the intensity in his stare forceful enough to tug off my clothes. It’s not until his attention returns to my face that I catch his approving nod and subtle smile. “Nice,” he murmurs.
My face heats, which I absolutely hate. My skin is so fair, there’s no masking the blush that follows. I lift my chin. “Shouldn’t you put on some clothes?” I ask, well aware my voice is shrill and quivering.
“I would, but then it will block the view of the goods you can’t seem to get enough of,” he says, adding a wink.
It’s the wink that’s my undoing. Okay, that and those broad shoulders, and strong jaw, and Channing Tatum-esque face. Who am I kidding? It’s the whole package. This man is what some might call more than a little attractive.
“I . . .” It’s the only thing I manage to say. By now, it’s obvious I’m gawking at him.
“Look, gorgeous,” he says. “I’ve had a long night. Either leave your brochures and get going, or give me a reason to let you inside.”
My jaw pops open when I realize he’s mistaken me for a Jehovah’s Witness—and a slutty one at that! Maybe Tamira had a point about me wearing “church” clothes. “I don’t have brochures,” I stammer.
“Good, don’t read that shit anyway―”
“My name is Adrianna Daniels. I’m the guidance counselor at Apollo and Gianno’s school . . .”

Sound good? The rest gets even better! Be sure to check out Salvatore. Like Adrianna, you won’t be able to resist.

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