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Hello everyone! I’m so happy to be here to share an excerpt from my new release Heartbreaker—the first book in my new Bad Angels series! This book is really special to me because while it’s my fifteen book, it’s also the first book I’ve written in five years. Basically, I sat down in front of the computer and said--I want to write the book that will give me the most joy possible. I want crazy hot rich guys and I want a smart, hard-working, Cinderella girl. I want to laugh and fall in love and believe in happily ever after. So Heartbreaker is that book. I hope you enjoy it!

(When this excerpt begins, our heroine is dogsitting the hero’s ill-behaved mastiff for the night while he goes out to a work event.)

When he came out a short time later, wearing a tuxedo, she choked on her sip of diet soda.

God help her, she’d seen a man in a suit before, but having dropped out of school well before prom, she’d never seen a formal tuxedo in the flesh.

Her body turned to goo. At least, the lower part of her body. The upper part coughed and struggled for breath. Because, of course she’d make a fool of herself when he looked like a magazine cover.

Of course she would.

“You okay?” he asked, as he gathered his keys and phone.

His tuxedo jacket followed precisely along the lines of his shoulders and narrow waist. His shirt was crisp white, shoes a shiny black, and there was a line of white cuff at the edge of his sleeve just the way she’d seen it in red-carpet pictures. To top it all off, he had paired the traditional jacket with a skinny black tie, so he looked somehow both formal and like he knew it was all for show and refused to take himself too seriously.

Tess pushed back from the dining room table so she could cough more effectively. Not fair. The man should not be able to take just twenty minutes to shave and shower and put on a suit and look like that.

Like every woman’s fantasy.

“Fine,” she wheezed. “Just got some down the wrong pipe.”

He walked over and took her hands and pulled her to standing. Her heart jolted because up close, he wasn’t just a mouthwatering picture of sinfully sexy, masculine grace, he also smelled good. Musky and spicy, with a hint of “I know you want me” just for fun.

He raised her hands over her head. “I read somewhere that you’re supposed to do this when you’re choking.”

Tess wanted to protest. She really did. But somehow once he touched her she lost her ability to put together coherent words.

At least she stopped coughing.

“Surprisingly effective,” he murmured. Deftly, he captured both her wrists in one large hand, and slid the other down her spine, pausing at her lower back and resting on the waistband of her jeans. “You aren’t feeling dizzy, are you?”

She shook her head, unable to speak.

“I wonder if I can think up any other doctor moves while I have you here,” he mused, glancing from her lips to the top of her chest. “Maybe some kind of exam? Just to make sure you’re all right.”

Don’t look in his eyes, she counseled herself, forcing her gaze instead to the sheen of his black silk tie. Just imagine he’s Kaa from the Jungle Book. And you’re Mowgli! 

Her breath rose in her chest. That was when she noticed that having her hands above her head elevated her breasts and put them within one deep breath of touching him.

And he’d noticed it, too, the bastard.

As she sucked in a lungful of air, he watched appreciatively, a smile playing around the corners of his mouth. She jerked her hands from his grasp, but instead of pushing away she found herself holding onto his shoulders, the material of his suit smooth and cool under her fingertips.

“Let me know if you start feeling lightheaded.” He lowered his head, his breath touching her cheek. Her fingers tightened as she struggled to breathe. “Perhaps I can help with that, too.”

“Mason, what are you doing?” When the words emerged, they were husky and altogether too welcoming.

He moved in closer, settling his hands around her waist. She wore her usual T-shirt, which now felt shockingly thin and flimsy, the heat of him burning through the soft cotton fabric. A heartbeat throbbed in her stomach.

“I’m checking your breathing,” he said. “Making sure everything is in working order before I go.”

He paused. His eyes found hers. She felt him wait for her to protest. To pull away. When she did not, he moved closer.


Her heart began to race, the rush of sensation almost dizzying in intensity. She felt them poised at the edge of a precipice, a chasm in front of her promising nothing but a long tumble into the unknown.

Then it happened. His lips found a spot just below the curve of her jaw. A single kiss, light as a feather along her heated skin. So light she wasn’t sure if it had really happened, or if she’d just imagined it.

Then he straightened.

“All clear,” he whispered.

That’s a taste of my idea of fun! What does your perfect romance novel include? Witty banter? Alpha men? Men with tats? Is it fantasy, contemporary, or historical? Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win the adorable Bad Angels notepad pictured below!

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  1. Witty banter is ALWAYS top of my list. Funny situations that make me LOL are enjoyed. A man who knows he's meant to be with that woman is swoonworthy to me (as long as the feelings are reciprocated, of course). Picking up the heroine to carry her to bed or if she is hurt is a nice touch too. You can't go wrong with pet owners, either! I'm a contemporary romance girl at heart but I DO read the others too. Have favourite novels I will read again a year or two later; I have read over 250 books every year since 1973, so I tend to forget the details of most books, LOL. I DO write down which authors I enjoy the most (who have that witty banter, LOL moments, etc.) and try to read ALL of their books. (I often don't "love" every single one of their books, but if I enjoy MOST of them, then they're winners to me.)
    I don't usually read excerpts (as I'd rather wait to read the WHOLE THING later), but I caught the word "Lower" and decided I'd better read the whole thing, and OMG I'm glad I did! That was one H of an excerpt! You certainly got MY attention! Thanks for that!

  2. My perfect romance would definitely include smart, funny characters. I kind of love ones where the characters aren't model perfect, but definitely make reasonably good choices. No strong feelings on tats or alphaness or even subgenre--I read most of them!


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