Monday, February 11, 2019

Brynley Blake Talks about Bucket Lists and Resurgent, Her Upcoming New Release

Bucket lists have always intrigued me.  This small snippet of conversation between Navy SEAL Liam and obsessively organized Charlotte, the main characters in my new release, Resurgent, sums it up well.  As the two walk along the beach in Playa del Carmen, Liam points out the Southern Cross constellation, telling Charlotte that seeing it in person was something he just crossed off his bucket list.

“You have a bucket list?”
“Don’t you?” he teases. 
“I don’t need a bucket list.  I have a life list,” I retort. 
            “Touché,” he says with a low chuckle.  “Same difference.”

In a way, a bucket list is a life list, ensuring that you make every moment count…that you take that trip you can’t afford but will never forget, push yourself to run that marathon, or continue to step outside your comfort zone and try new things that make you feel alive.

My own personal bucket list has a few things in common with Liam’s, such as riding the Pacific Coast Highway on a motorcycle and learning to salsa dance.  In contrast, seeing the Northern Lights tops mine, while many of the items on Liam’s list are a bit too daring for me (if I ever jump out of an airplane, it’s going to be because that sucker’s going down in flames). Another stark difference is that Liam’s bucket list is a map to some guns he illegally smuggled and sold to a drug cartel, but never delivered. Definitely not a problem I have!  

Resurgent is a fun and sexy not-so-typical road trip romance about Liam, a Navy SEAL accused of selling smuggled guns to the Mexican drug cartel, who is on the run with Charlotte, his little sister's best friend whom he rescues after she's kidnapped by the drug cartel.   Unfortunately, Liam was injured in an explosion while on a mission in Afghanistan and he doesn't remember anything—why he was involved with the cartel, where he stashed the guns the cartel paid for but never received, or the night of passion he shared with Charlotte.   Now he and Charlotte have to find the guns before the cartel finds them, and all they have to go on is his bucket list. 

Following is one of my favorite excerpts from Resurgent, when Charlotte decides to embrace a few of Liam’s bucket list activities herself.  Tell me what’s on your bucket list in the comments for a chance to win one of two e-book copies of Rogue, the first book in the Phoenix Rising series.

Excerpt from Resurgent by Brynley Blake

I want to do every damn thing I can that’s left on my bucket list that I don’t remember putting on it. Anything might be a clue.”  I move my finger down the list, stopping at each unmarked item. “Let’s start with salsa dancing. We can do that tonight. I saw a sign about it in the hotel lobby.  When I talk to Tony, I’ll ask him about the Dominion, maybe get him to check it out for me, so we can skip that. Tomorrow we’ll fly to Malaysia and check off diving and getting a tattoo.”

Charlotte looks at me incredulously.  “You’re going to get a tattoo, just like that?”

“Sure.” I wink at her. “Never underestimate the power of fuck it. I have a couple of days to think about what I want.”  I look back at the list. “Tweet from the equator…we can manage that while we’re in Malaysia.  Sail the Philippines…probably won’t have time for that.” I look at her and wink. “Want to join the mile-high club?”

Her grin is contagious.  “Sounds interesting.”

“Let’s see… Get a dog?  Another one that doesn’t make sense.  I travel too much to have a dog.”

“I’ve always wanted a dog,” she says wistfully, looking over my shoulder at the list. 

“I can totally see that.  One of those frou frou rat-looking things that you carry around in your purse?” I tease.

“No!” she retorts.  “A big goofy lab from a shelter.  Maybe one whose owner died or didn’t want him anymore. One that’s big enough to hug when I’m feeling sad.”

I have a sudden image of a forgotten little girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders, whose life might have been a tiny bit better if she’d had a dog to confide in.  But before I can say anything, she quickly changes the subject.

“What about this one?” Charlotte’s perfectly manicured finger is pointing to “kinky sex,” and although her tone is nonchalant, I can feel the vibrations of arousal coming from her body that I can somehow read like my own. 

I arch an eyebrow at her.  “You want to?”

She flushes.  “Just to make sure we cover all the bases and don’t miss anything.” She’s trying to act casual, but I don’t buy it for a minute.  And there’s nothing I want more than to see her unravel as she gives her all to me.

“Oh sweetheart, we’ll definitely cover all the bases.  And I’ll make damn sure you don’t miss a thing. But first things first. Go put on your dancing shoes.”

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