Saturday, January 19, 2019

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Come on. You have to admit it. When you’re out and about, and you see a dad alone with his child, your heartstrings get a good, hard tug. You pause, your eyes follow him, you watch him smile down at his kid… and you get tingly all over. Single dads are sexy!

What is it that makes bachelor dads so appealing?

You might be too young to remember the movie Three Men and a Baby, but when a man automatically picks up a crying baby, or races to rescue a toddler who’s fallen, or stops what he’s doing to encourage a child, a complicated chemical reaction takes place in a woman’s brain that makes her think, mmmm, now that’s sexy.

Let’s break it down:

A single dad who puts his kids needs before his own will, more than likely, put his woman’s needs before his own too. (Sexy!)

A single dad who raises happy, well-adjusted kids has proven he’s responsible, mature, and strong. (Sexy!)

A single dad who dedicates himself to his children has shown that he’s a good and caring provider, and the selfless love he exhibits shows he’s willing to sacrifice for his family. (Sexy!)

Raising kids takes patience, discipline, kindness, tenderness. (Sexy, sexy, sexy, and sexy!)

The simple answer would be human nature; procreation is a basic human instinct, and as women, we are attracted to men who show signs of being good mates and excellent fathers. Now that doesn’t mean we’re willing to “be fruitful and multiply” with every bachelor dads we meet… but is does help explain why seeing a father hug his baby makes us think, awwww, that’s so sweet… and sexy!

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