Wednesday, January 23, 2019

How To Seduce A Bad Boy

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How To Seduce A Bad Boy is a sweet, small-town romance between Melody Bryant, a feisty, fun librarian, who’s never quite gotten over her first love—Point Beacon’s resident brooding bad boy, Adam Foster. Unfortunately, Mel’s 25th birthday is fast approaching and she’s feeling about as popular in the dating department as an ant at a picnic.  There’s really only been one man she’s wanted to give herself to and he’s back in town after a stint in the Army. Can Mel win the man of her dreams before her birthday in five short weeks? You’ll have to read How To Seduce A Bad Boy to find out!

“Just so I’m clear, what exactly is it you’re asking me to do here, Mel?” Adam’s dark brows were raised, his expression speculative. He cleared his throat and smoothed his hands down the front of his jeans, his distress endearing. It wasn’t often she got to see the cool bad boy of Point Beacon out of his depth.

Taking a deep breath to calm her racing thoughts, Mel invited him into her kitchen for a drink. “I’ve got water or iced tea. There might be some soda in the garage. I can check. Oh, and there’s half a bottle of merlot left from when Lilly came over the other night.”

When he didn’t respond, she turned back around to face him. And man, oh man, did he ever look breathtaking, slouched in the doorway, one broad shoulder leaning against the frame, his long legs crossed at the ankles. And Lord have mercy, those eyes of his—blue as midnight and twice as wicked.

Said eyes were currently narrowed on her, watching closely.

Summoning her last ounce of bravery, Mel continued. “I realize this probably comes as a strange request, considering I don’t ask you for help often—”

“This is the first time we’ve spoken since I came home.”

True. He had her there, but it wasn’t for lack of trying on her part.

She continued on. “I need a makeover. Everything from clothes to hair to makeup, but most especially, I need help with the social aspect. A coach who’s in the dating trenches and knows their way around to show me what I’m doing wrong and teach me how to do things right. I need someone I can trust, someone who’ll take this seriously and won’t joke about it to other people behind my back. Someone who can keep a secret.”

Oh, that had sounded good. She almost had herself convinced.

“A makeover?” Adam snorted and pushed away from the doorframe, stepping farther into the kitchen. The large room suddenly seemed smaller with his presence. “I don’t know anything about all that makeover stuff, and I’m pretty sure my player reputation precedes me as far as dating is concerned. What about James?”

“What about him?” Mel squeaked as the corner of the counter poked her in the butt. She’d backed up without even realizing it. Adam gave her a look, and Mel felt a zing of awareness shoot straight through her. The man could do more with one arched brow than most guys could do with a whole repertoire of foreplay techniques. Mel steeled herself against his seductive assault on her senses. She was in this to win this, darn it. She tamped down the persistent sizzle in her nervous system, lifting her chin. “He’s still deployed for another month. He never has to know about this.”

Adam stared at her for another long moment before looking away, shaking his head. A rueful smile curved

his firm lips as he rocked back on the heels of his black motorcycle boots. “You do know how hard it is to keep a secret in this town, right?”

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  1. Thanks for sharing excerpt from the book! Combined with that cover, the combo just draws me in to grab and read this!! Eep...

  2. Thank you for sharing this post. And congratulations for your book

  3. I like the premise of this story. A dating coach! That's funny. And the characters are perfect. A librarian and a bad boy just out of the army. Can't wait to read it.

  4. Ohhh I love this cover! It also sounds great!

  5. I have this on my want list! :)

  6. Hmmm. I'm wondering if there will be a list provided with some of the steps "necessary" to become popular. Guess I'll have to read it to find out!

  7. Enjoyed the excerpt.


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