Monday, December 31, 2018


There is no bugle call more emotive or powerful than “Taps.” It’s played at the end of the day as a call to rest and in 1891 it became standard at military funerals. The idea for The Marine’s Baby, Maybe came to me at a military funeral, but pieces of this story have been with me all my life…
My mother was a young newlywed and pregnant with me when my father died. Many years later my aunt’s husband died unexpectedly and I overheard her asking my mom how she’d managed to get through it all those years ago. 
She credited her dad, my grandfather, and quoted him as saying, “This is the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do. But you’ll get through this, I promise.” And those lines became the premise for the story.


Falling in love is not what they're expecting...

Wife. Widow. Mother-to-be.

All Caitlin Calhoun wanted was to honor her late husband by having his baby. But thanks to an unfortunate mix-up, her baby’s father is her husband’s half-brother. Caitlin would like to keep that little secret between the two of them.

Marine. Uncle? Biological baby-daddy?

“Lucky” Luke Calhoun Jr. has always been unlucky in love. Family is the last thing the battle-hardened Marine expected to have––not with all the bad blood running through his own. But he’s not the kind of man to turn his back on his child or the child’s mother. 

Can the unluckiest Calhoun of them all convince Caitlin he’s the real deal?


Rogenna Brewer...
Heroes to hold on to....


  1. Good morning on this last day of 2018. I'll be checking in throughout today and tomorrow!

  2. Happy New Year! Did you manage to stay awake until midnight? I didn't! But I did manage to stay up long enough for my book to release from preorder at 10PM MST :)


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