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Hi everyone! Thanks for having us on your blog! We’re Leah and Kate Rooper, sisters who write the Chicago Falcons series: a young adult rom-com series about hockey players, mistaken identity, and lots of romance. In this post, we’re sharing an excerpt from our newest novel JUST PRETENDING, where hockey player Tyler Evans accidentally gets mistaken for visiting Prince Tiberius by the beautiful Queen Evangeline. We hope you enjoy!
The hot water runs over my body. I roll my shoulders, letting the pounding water work away at my tense muscles. I’m alone in the locker room; Coach and all the boys have left. The whole arena is quiet except for the flow of water.

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t man up and tell her the truth. How could I? The look of disdain she gave me when I ran up to see her — and that’s when she only knew me as #13, the star of the game. Imagine if she could actually see me, my old house, my empty bank account. The fact it takes me fifteen minutes to read a single sentence. I couldn't buy her flowers, let alone write her a card.

I was an idiot to think she’d like me for me.

I pound my fist against the wet tile. The last time I’ll ever see Evangeline is her looking at me like I’m scum of the earth. Tomorrow, she’ll be gone, like a fleeting dream.

 I think of the burst of her laugh, the press of her full body against mine, the wistful look in her eye as she stares at the world. She makes me want to skate, to paint, to soar!

My chest feels like it’s collapsing in on itself. How can I go home, knowing this is my last chance to be with her? Knowing that I was in the presence of a real-life masterpiece and I never even goddamn kissed her?

Tyler Evans would let her go.

But Tiberius can’t.

If I get to see her for just a minute more, then it’s worth it.

 If she wants a prince, then a prince she will get.


It's not easy being royal. Sixteen-year-old Evangeline wears her crown proudly, but between her duties and her overprotective big brother, the idea of romance is just a dream. But a chance encounter in Chicago changes all that….
Sure, seventeen-year-old Tyler Evans loves playing hockey, but he's more concerned about providing for his dad and little sister. Then he meets Eva--and falls head-over-heels in love—and he has two more problems. One, she's his best friend's little sister. Two, she wears a crown.
But then Eva accidentally mistakes Tyler for a visiting prince, and for the first time, Tyler doesn't feel like a nobody. He knows he has to tell her the truth…but not yet.
His plan? To keep up the royal charade as long as it takes to convince Eva he’s the guy for her. Even if he’s lying to everyone…including himself.
Disclaimer: May cause disillusionment. Those girls looking to find their Prince Charming might consider scouting out hockey rinks.

Each book in the Chicago Falcons series is STANDALONE:
* Just One of the Boys
* Just One of the Royals
* Just Pretending

About the authors:
Leah and Kate Rooper are sisters who live on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC. Ever since they were little, they have loved playing make-believe. Now even as “grown-ups”, they play make-believe every day in the stories they write. When they’re not glued to their laptops, Leah and Kate are busy studying Elementary School Education at university and running their princess party company.

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