Monday, September 10, 2018

Opposites Attract

I am so excited that it’s finally time to unleash my latest sexy contemporary sports romance on the world…and just in time for hockey season, too!

After some tabloid-worthy behavior, Brett Sillinger has been traded to a new hockey team, and he’s determined to ditch his bad boy ways and focus on the game. Until a gorgeous, clumsy seductress spills his drink and derails his good intentions.

Chelsea London is looking to shed her chronic good girldom for one night. No names, no strings, just passion. But when her hot hookup ends up being the latest addition to her father’s hockey team, things are suddenly looking a whole lot more complicated.

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from TAKING A SHOT, available now from Entangled Publishing:

“What’s your name?”

She opened her mouth to answer, but those expressive eyes of hers slid over the length of him and she changed her mind. “No names,” she decided, igniting fire along Brett’s nerve endings.

He was beginning to like what that might mean for the rest of his night. “Okay, Red. No names.”

That little frown again. “Red?” she asked, obviously confused at the nickname, completely oblivious that all he wanted in life right now was to pull that sweater off her and dissolve the scarlet lace that covered her breasts with his tongue.

“Like Little Red Riding Hood?”

“Kinda like that,” he averred.

She sent him a sidelong glance. “Does that make you the big bad wolf?”

Brett rasped a hand across his stubbly jaw in contemplation. “Depends. You looking for someone to huff...”

She swallowed, and the delicate muscles of her neck mesmerized him.
“...and puff...”

She bit her lip, and his world narrowed to her mouth.
“...and blow your house down?”

God, she was pretty when she blushed.

“Wrong fairy tale,” she corrected in a soft, breathy voicethat made him want to knock the air out of her lungs again. And again. Until she screamed with pleasure.

Brett leaned closer to her. “Doesn’t have to be.”

Her exhale was shaky, and his pulse jacked up in response.

The punch of lust was so strong, it took another moment before he realized the predicament he was in. He was half hard in the middle of a bar full of office drones, and using a fairy tale as a pickup line. She had him all spun around, and yeah, he liked it. And yeah, he wanted to blow off steam, especially after the day he’d had.

She was trying to be adventurous, she said, but she lived in a world where that meant chatting up dudes in suits in a hotel lounge. She was a flirting lightweight. She couldn’t handle her whiskey. She was all wrong for him.

No, she was perfect.

But he was all wrong for her, and the fact that she didn’t even know it was proof that he should send her on her way.

He had a big day tomorrow. The morning skate started at eight sharp and was followed by a meeting with the head of PR to get him presentable and interview-ready for the fancy silent auction fundraiser his new team was showing him off at tomorrow night. He couldn’t mess it up. He was supposed to do the right thing. Grow up. Be good.

She set her chin with resolve, raised those blue eyes to his, so full of invitation that he had to concede he might have underestimated her flirting skills a little. “Do you want to get out of here?”

Oh, hell yeah, he did.

He could be good tomorrow.

Taking a Shot is available now:

About Taryn Leigh Taylor:
Taryn Leigh Taylor likes dinosaurs, bridges, and space, both personal and of the final frontier variety. She shamelessly indulges in cliches, most notably her Starbucks addiction, her shoe hoard, and her penchant for falling in book lust with hot fictional men.

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