Wednesday, August 22, 2018

What’s your favorite sexy/romantic movie?

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Hi! Did you enjoy Pretty Woman? Well, what’s not to enjoy, right? :) My newest erotic romance, Good Girls Like It Dirty does have a Pretty Woman moment. Our delicious hero, Zaine, has ended a long relationship recently and doesn’t want to get attached to the wrong woman anymore. Monique, our fearless heroine, is the wrong woman for him—she’s younger, and leaving the country soon. So, to address the crazy sexual attraction between them, he decides to propose a no-strings-affair with a price tag.


Monique Drummond needs to focus on studying for an exam that will open doors for her, but right now she can't get her mind off her sexy boss. Her desire for him has some seriously racy fantasies rising to the surface and she can't concentrate on anything other than being a hot distraction for him too.
After all, Monique isn't sticking around much longer, and she's all too willing to make a sinfully wicked deal with the man who wants nothing more than a thirty-day, all-access pass to her body. This good girl can be on pause for a short time while they both live out their dirty fantasies with no strings attached...
Each book in the Dirty Debts series is STANDALONE:
* Good Girl Gone Bad
* Good Girls Like it Dirty

“I respect you,” Zaine said, inching closer. “Our deal is simple and painless, the same way our affair should be. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.”
“How much am I worth to you? Should I give you the numbers?” Monique asked, her voice acidic.
“I’m not buying you. I’m buying our time together,” he said. The tips of his fingers burned to touch her, to plant a kiss on her shoulder and hold her. Other things should have been on his mind, such as the bid to work in the brand new hospital that could potentially help him honor his late brother. Damn it, the whole day she’d been the only thing on his mind. He needed to get his fill of her; the make-out session at Doug’s hadn’t been enough.
“How about thirty thousand dollars a month, for the next two months? Would that be enough?” he asked, imagining her course and living expenses had to cost a third of that. Still, he wanted to give her more, so she could have the freedom to buy or experience anything she wanted.
“Thirty…thousand dollars?” she asked, her eyebrows reaching her hairline. “For…sex? Are you insane?”
“That’s exactly how you’ve made me. Let me show you…” He shortened the gap between them and pulled her into his arms, thrusting his fingers into her hair. When he lowered his lips and kissed her, his entire body seared, his cock hardening. She touched his chest, her hands sliding down his pecs and abs.
A tremor rolled through him, and he lifted her off the floor, placing her on the washer. She wrapped her legs around him as a sexy moan escaped from her lips. F**k, was she sexy. So sexy it was dangerous…dangerous for his common sense, obviously.
There he was, burning for her, to be inside her, to make her his over and over again. She clutched her legs around him tighter, and he outlined the apex of her thighs. Warmth sifted through the denim, a sigh she was ready for him to take her. When he’d fooled around with her at Doug’s he hadn’t had a plan—he’d just acted on his hormones. But now he needed to know she agreed to a casual affair with no expectations.
She bucked into him, undulating her hips, grazing her teeth on his upper lip. “Zaine…” she said in that crazy hot accent.
He withdrew his mouth from her, nuzzling her. “Say yes, baby. Say yes to the deal.”
She ran her hand down his abs until she caressed his hard-on. She cupped his rod, and he groaned. He felt the rush of blood from his veins to his dick so fast he almost lost his balance. “Seems like you’re the one saying yes, Monsieur.”

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  1. I guess I’m more of a romcom movie girl than sexy/romantic ones. I like Pretty Woman, but movies like The Proposal, While You Were Sleeping, and Serendipity are more to my preference.

  2. I have so many to choose from but I guess the one that comes to me first is my most recent favorite romantic movie, Set It Up. I too, like the rom-coms more.

  3. Oh my gosh. How did I miss this book? Pretty Woman is my all-time favorite movie. I've seen it A LOT. I actually have a DVD of it. When it comes on TV I watch it like I've never seen it before.

  4. Easy schmeezy. The Lake House, with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. I could watch that over and over and over again, and there's always something "new" I find....

  5. I like funny movie romances... a big fan of Sandra Bullock's movies.

  6. I love the sappy Hallmark movies, those are always good for an HEA!


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