Sunday, July 22, 2018

What Happens In Vegas

With: Shana Gray

Have you ever taken off for a fun girls weekend away with your friends? I know women can get up to all sorts of shenanigans when they’re together on girls weekends. Fancy drinks, dancing, wild times. All that, along with a video I saw last year promoting a casino in Niagara Falls, Canada, inspired my brand new, four book series, Girls Weekend Away.

The first book WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS come out on July 24. I’m excited to be sharing a little snippet of the book with you now.

Quinn gazed around the room, taking in the crowd. It was going on 11 p.m., and he knew he needed to get some rest, but he had tossed back his Scotch and was now ready for a second. He was far too wound up to settle down just yet.
The dance floor was packed, and no one intrigued him enough to go and cut in. Quinn was one of those rare male specimens who actually liked to dance. His mother had made sure he and his brother knew their way around the dance floor. He hadn’t enjoyed it much as a kid, but he’d appreciated it when he discovered girls and learned that women loved a man who could dance. He tapped the bar with his fingers, indicating that he wanted another drink.
They knew him here. The barman placed a glass in front of him.
‘Thanks, man.’ Quinn wasn’t in a talkative mood.‘You in the tournament?’ the bartender asked him.
Quinn nodded. ‘Yep.’
‘I heard it’s pretty tough this time.’ The bartender was chatty tonight.
Quinn shrugged his shoulders. ‘They’re all tough.’ He sipped his drink and turned back to the crowd.A familiar song came on. One that women seemed to love and which usually led to a slew of drunk chicks trying to move seductively in sky-high heels. This ought to be interesting.
He sat back and watched the crowd. Then the sea of people parted and he saw her. Quinn froze, the glass to his lips. She was in the perfect position on the dance floor. A spotlight bathed her in its beam, the beads on her dress reflecting the light, shimmering and giving her a soft glow. The thin straps clung to her shoulders and the sheath hugged her lean curves, ending high on her thighs. She had fantastic legs. He put the glass down and swallowed. Her skin was pale and a complete contrast to her dark hair.
Quinn was mesmerized. Lord, he wanted to unwrap and discover everything about her. e sensation of the silky dress beneath his hands, and the heat of her body . . . She was magnificent.
Quinn stood.
It appeared she was with friends. They were an attractive group of women and he was surprised no men had claimed them yet. Of the four of them, though, she was the one who had caught his eye. Quinn smiled.
The inherent grace in her dance moves, even as she nearly clocked her blonde friend in the eye with an enthusiastic hand wave, told him all he needed to know. She would be just as sensual underneath him. In his bed. He preferred not to pick up women the night before a tournament, as he didn’t want any distractions in the morning, but she intrigued him and he needed to meet her.

I hope this excerpt has intrigued you. I had such a good time writing this first book in the series. The second book has been written and titled MEET ME IN SAN FRANCISCO. I’m currently writing the 3rd book. I love all the heroines and their heroes and I hope you fall in love with them too.
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  1. What a fun book, I could not put it down! Bonni and her girlfriends are such a fun and wild cast of characters. They really make this book so fun.


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