Saturday, July 14, 2018

Thanks for the Memories

Life is good. You’re walking down the street, smiling that the people going by you, and then it hits. That memory from five years ago that’s so painful and embarrassing you cringe right there in the middle of the sidewalk. We all have those moments in our past that come back to haunt us every now and then. Think you’re about to drift off to sleep? Bam, embarrassing prom night memories. Ready for that big interview? Pow, the time you split red wine on a bride’s dress. Our memories, good and bad, are what make us who we are. But what happens if they suddenly disappeared? Would we be someone else? That’s the question Lori and Jackson face in “Giving Up The Boss” when Jackson loses his memories and has to rely on the one person who knows him inside and out. Or rather, used to know him. What’s a girl to do when the love of your life can’t  even remember his own name?

Excerpt – Everyone needs a little shower help now and then
“I’d settle for a shower.”
She crossed the room to open the side door. “Luckily you have a bathroom fit for royalty. Or one that can house a family of four.”
His smile flashed briefly before he held up his arm. “This might be tricky with a fractured wrist.”
“I can help you shower,” she said before she had a chance to think about what she was offering.
He arched a brow. “What?”
“Uh.” She hesitated. “I meant, I can help you get set up and stuff. Not actually in the shower. Or with you. Or wash you. Or—” She bit her tongue. “The nurse helped you get dressed and your shirt has buttons, is all I’m saying.”
This time his smile didn’t vanish in a heartbeat. “What man would turn down an offer like that?”
Her cheeks burned as she marched into the white marble bathroom. She selected towels and placed them by the shower. A quick check told her everything he’d need was already stocked inside for him. With nothing left to do, she turned to see Jackson leaning against the vanity, watching her.
“What do you need help with?” she asked, closing the distance between them.
His lips curved in a lopsided smile. “Outside of this room? Literally everything. But for right now, I’m good. Go get settled in yourself.”
Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Take the reprieve and get out of here.
Even if she had been looking forward to unwrapping her boss like a present.
Shaking her head, she made a beeline for the door. She’d almost reached it, too, when she noticed Jackson struggling to undo the buttons of his shirt with only one hand.
“I’m fine,” he said again, not even glancing her direction.
“You’re not.”
“Worse-case scenario, I’ll rip it off in my best Hulk impersonation.”
“Or, I could just help you. For the good of Armani, of course.”
With a sigh, he gave up and let his hands drop. Taking that as her cue, she crossed the room to him, trying to ignore the way her heart rate sped up with each step.
Be his assistant. Keep this impersonal.
The last thing she could afford to do was get even more tangled up with her boss.
Rolling back her shoulders, she forced her fingers to unhook the first button at his throat.
See? That wasn’t so bad.
She could do this without giving it a second thought.
Except the second button was harder than the first. The third had her cheeks warming again.
You can do this. Be an adult.
But now she had to be the adult who tugged the tucked in shirt free of his pants. When her fingers brushed the skin around his waistband electricity surged through her.
Quickly she undid the remaining buttons and stepped back. The navy shirt hung gaping around his bronzed chest. Her mouth dried as she tried not to examine the contours of his muscles.
Stop ogling him.
As if she could.
Her glanced snapped to his. “Sorry. What?”
“I said, thanks for the help.”
“Oh, right. No problem. You should be fine…” Her gaze zeroed in to his jeans. “Uh, there are a few buttons left.”
He followed her gaze to his crotch and shrugged a shoulder. “I might not remember anything about the past, but even I know there are some things you don’t ask your assistant to do.”
“What if the assistant offers?”
His hooded gaze met hers.
“I said I’d help you and I will.” Steeling herself, she moved back to him. Standing close enough to feel the heat of his skin, she reached for the button of his fly.
You can do this. Don’t think about how easy it would be to press up against him. Concentrate.
She unclasped the button of his fly and unzipped the zipper. There was no mistaking the bulge against her hand she did her best to ignore, even if her breath grew a little irregular. Task accomplished, she was about to step back when she glanced up instead. And found his gaze locked on her mouth.
“Just colleagues, right?” His voice was little more than a soft whisper in her ear.
“Right,” she agreed, her voice far harsher than his.
“Yell if you need help.”
Steeling herself, she walked from the room before the idiot living within her could offer to do something stupid like wash his back. Even if it was all she could think about.


Executive assistant Lori has finally said those three little words to her boss, Jackson Sinclair, that have haunted her for months–– Goodbye, I quit. Yep. That happened. Then she sort of ran over him. It was an accident. No. Really. It was. Now he can’t remember anything––and it’s up to her to keep his billion-dollar corporation running until he gets his memory back.
Billionaire Jackson Sinclair wakes up in a hospital to a life he can’t remember. The only person who feels familiar is Lori. The more he learns about his past, though, the more it disturbs him. He was kind of cold, and he can’t imagine why the lovely Lori put up with him. And she is lovely, as in, he can’t stop thinking about her. But he has a company to save, and there’s no time for that sort thing. Especially when it seems like his assistant is hiding something from him.
As his condition shows no signs of healing, Lori can’t help wonder what’s best, telling the truth about his accident and losing the man of her dreams or keeping quiet and living the best lie of her life.
Each book in the The Billionaire's Second Chance series is STANDALONE:
* A Baby for the Billionaire
* Giving up the Boss

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