Thursday, July 26, 2018

Must Love Babies

With: Lynnette Austin

Congratulations to "Karen J.", the winner in Lynette's giveaway.  Thank you to all who participated!

Thanks for having me here today to share my new book with you!

I love putting my heroes and heroines in a tough spot! It’s fun to see how they’ll handle the situation—and doesn’t that just say so much about them? In Must Love Babies, the first book in my new series, Brant Wylder is a bachelor and loving it! Lullabies, diapers and night-time feedings are not in his future! He and his brothers own Wylder Rydes and restore vintage motorcycles and cars, but they need to find a place where they can expand.
In Misty Bottoms, Georgia, for a wedding, Brant decides the small town might be exactly what they need. Then he meets Molly Stiles, who has moved to Misty Bottoms to open That Little White Dress, a bridal boutique, joining her friends in their destination wedding business.
Everything changes when Brant receives a call. His sister, who’s already done a stint in rehab, has had a car accident while under-the-influence. Someone has to care for her seven-month-old baby until she’s well, and that someone is Brant. Temporary daddy. Who can resist a big, strong man holding a small baby—especially one who is a fish-out-of-water? Brant can’t turn his back on his nephew, and Molly can’t turn her back on Brant. 
For those of you who have read my Magnolia Brides series, yes, I’m staying in Misty Bottoms for this new series. I simply wasn’t ready to say goodbye to all the friends I’d made there…and I hope you’re not either.
Must Love Babies is available in mass market, ebook, and audio.
Wishing you hours and hours and hours of happy reading!


This baby's not the only one in need of a cuddle...

Brant Wylder is a bachelor and loving it! He's in Misty Bottoms, Georgia, property-hunting for his vintage car repair shop when he gets the call. His sister's been in an accident, and Brant has to drop everything to take care of his seven-month-old nephew. That's the end of the bachelor lifestyle.
Bridal boutique owner Molly Stiles is all business all the time, until she sees that Brant's in trouble. In this Southern town, nobody ever has to go it alone. And besides, how can she resist that beautiful baby in the arms of a beautiful man...?

“Ready to finish the movie?” Molly took a handful of popcorn and curled up on the lumpy sofa. The baby bathed, fed, and in bed, the lights low. The happy couple…
Brant dropped down beside her.
“You are going to let him sleep in his own room tonight, aren’t you?”
He leaned in and nuzzled her neck. “Probably, since someone set me up with a baby monitor. Why don’t you stay the night and keep me company?” he whispered against her ear. “Keep Uncle Brant from getting lonely.”
She shivered as his breath caressed her skin. “So not going to happen, Wylder.”
“Maybe I can convince you.”
His lips moved along her neck, over her jaw, and up her face till she was desperate for them on her own lips. “Brant.”
The kiss was heated, deep, and long, and arrowed to her core. She forgot all the reasons she shouldn’t give in as her entire body became one huge erogenous zone. Her blouse dropped to the floor under his clever fingers. His lips slid along her throat again, trailed lower until they found her breasts. Through the lace of her bra, his mouth closed over her, and she bowed up to meet him.
Her own hands went to work on the buttons of his shirt, uncovering that fabulous, hidden six-pack.
Jax’s cries finally forced their way through her sex fog. Placing her palms on his chest, she drew back.
“I hear him.” He drew her against him, bare skin to bare skin. “I swear, I’m gonna follow that kid when he takes his first date parking. Right when they get to the good part, I’m gonna turn on a flood light. Better, I’ll borrow Sam’s police car and hit both the lights and the siren.”
“You do that.” She patted his fabulous bare chest. “Right now, though, you need to change a dirty diaper, and I’m heading home. We can finish the movie another night.”
He rolled off the sofa, muttering to himself.
Darlene was right. He definitely could stand to have that beautiful mouth washed out with soap.

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LYNNETTE AUSTIN loves long rides with the top down and the music cranked up, the Gulf of Mexico when a storm is brewing, and sitting in her local coffee shop reading and enjoying an iced coffee. She divides her time between Southwest Florida's beaches and Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains. Having grown up in a small town, that's where her heart takes her—to those quirky small towns where everybody knows everybody...and all their business, for better or worse. Writing for Grand Central and Sourcebooks, she’s published thirteen novels. Visit Lynnette at www.authorlynnetteaustin.

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