Sunday, July 15, 2018

Mischief and Mayhem

With: L.E. Rico

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Mischief and Mayhem is set in the quirky, magical town of Mayhem, Minnesota—where the cats wear sweaters, the priest dispenses love advice and you can find your fortune underneath a slice of pie. It’s home to the O’Halloran sisters, Hennessy, Jameson, Walker and Bailey—known locally as The Whiskey Sisters. In this second book of the Whiskey Sister series, Jameson has sworn off men following her divorce from the philandering Winston. But that resolution gets a whole lot more difficult when her long-lost ex-brother-in-law, Scott, returns to Mayhem after a ten-year absence. Now Jameson has to decipher these unexpected feelings while raising her high-maintenance toddler and navigating relations with her sisters. In this excerpt, she’s a little rattled when a shirtless Scott pops into the kitchen to ask her a question…

“What? Do I look that bad?” he asks.
“No, you look fine. Fine. Yes. Nope, you’re good. Good, good…I was just…” I scramble for some reasonable excuse to be staring at him. “I—It’s just that I couldn’t help but notice your tattoo.”
Yes! Brilliant save, Jameson!
“Oh, you know, I forget it’s even there sometimes,” he says, bringing his smooth, broad chest closer to me so I can get a better look at him. It. At it. The tattoo…
He’s pointing to the image on his right pectoral muscle, a vibrant orange skull intricately decorated. It has a bright array of red and pink flowers and small jewels adorning it.
“They call this a sugar skull.”
Before I can help myself, I reach out to touch the colorful picture that takes up a large section of that side of his chest. I pull away before my fingers make contact.
“It’s okay,” he assures me, taking my hand and pulling it to his chest. “You can touch it.”
I keep my hand there for a beat longer than I should before reluctantly extricating myself. “Well, I...uh...I think it’s beautiful.” I glance down at my watch. “Oh! I’ve got to get the chicken in the oven.”
I start to turn toward the other naked flesh in the room.
“So...a toothbrush?”
“Of course! Sorry, yes, I, uh, I think I saw a sex pack—sorry, six pack. There’s a six pack of toothbrushes in the hall closet.”
Holy hell! What was that? I try to appear composed, even as I feel the two hot, red spots that are forming on my cheeks. He chivalrously turns to leave before I’m in full-on beet mode, but not before I catch a little color on his face, too.


In the wake of her divorce, Jameson O’Halloran has gone man-vegan. And this is one diet she’s determined to stick with. Even when her long-lost ex-brother-in-law shows up looking like two scoops of double dutch dipped in chocolate… She’s not giving in. Been there and still wearing the messy T-shirt.

It’s been a decade since Scott Clarke left his family and his hometown, never to return. But when tragedy strikes, he finds himself dragged back to the land of gossip, judgment, and the one woman he absolutely, positively, without a doubt can never have. His brother’s ex is off-limits. He just needs to keep repeating that to himself until it sinks in.

Each book in the Whiskey Sisters series is STANDALONE: 
*Blame it on the Best
*Mischief and Mayhem

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  1. Ohh I just love the names of the Whiskey sisters. Great excerpt, now I wanna know what comes next! Cheers!

  2. I like this excerpt. I'm looking forward to ythis book and the first one.

  3. Making note of this book!

  4. Congratulations on your book


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