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With: L.J. Evans

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Like all the books in the My Life as an Album series, my new release – MY LIFE AS A ROCK ALBUM - is inspired by music. This time it’s Bon Jovi songs. The first book in the series, My Life as a Country Album, started this crazy adventure for me. How’d it happen? Well, my daughter and I were listening to all of the old Taylor Swift songs on repeat as we prepared to go see her Red Tour. The characters and the story for that book came to life like a movie reel playing in my head as I listened to the lyrics of Taylor’s songs.

I honestly didn’t expect book one to turn into a series. I didn’t expect it to win awards. In fact, it stayed unpublished for quite a long time until my sister literally forced me to publish it. After it came out, I was surprised by the demand from people asking for more. More books and more about specific characters from book one. My mom wanted a whole book about Seth Carmen, the bad boy in the story, because my mom is a sucker for bad boys. Maybe you are too?

But, Seth’s story alluded me for a long time. I mean. I knew his past. I knew his brokenness, but I didn’t know how he was going to find a happily ever after. So, I wrote book two in between. That second story, My Life as a Pop Album, has all Ed Sheeran songs. Writing Derek and Mia’s story about guilt and forgiveness gave me time to ponder Seth and his torn soul.

When I finally got back to writing Seth’s story in My Life as a Rock Album, I had a better idea of what he needed. He needed someone who had as many broken parts as him. He needed someone who would see past his gruff and brusque exterior to the remnants of his teenage soul that just needed to be loved in order to blossom.

And he finds her. But he also loses her…

Each book in the MY LIFE AS AN ALBUM series can be read STAND ALONE, but they do have spoilers to the first book.

Here’s a little more about Seth & PJ from ROCK ALUBM:

SETH CARMEN is a recovering alcoholic from a drug family in the Bronx. He was going down a path that would have led to him becoming his gang father’s replacement. Instead, his life was changed by art. By his grandparents. By people who saw his talent and made sure he got a chance to share it with the world. So that’s what he’s done. Made a living and a life for himself by turning trash into art. By taking things that people throw away and making them beautiful again. But he hasn’t let anyone try to do that for him. Take his broken heart and broken past and make it into art. But once feisty blogger PJ Hensley enters his life, he can’t imagine a world without her in it. And when she loves him & leaves him, he spends five months writing her love letters to convince her to come home.

PJ HENSLEY is a college student getting ready to graduate. She’s made some bad choices in her life. Choices she’s determined not to repeat, but as graduation approaches with rejection from her grad school of choice and a stalker that she doesn’t want to admit to having, she feels like she’s reeling into a place where bad choices can easily pile up again. The last thing she needs is a moody trash artist entering her world. But like all things Seth, he enters anyway with an intensity and focus that leaves her breathless. But when the summer collides into one big disastrous mess, she runs. She says its to find herself, but she knows the truth, it’s because she’s afraid. Afraid of being left with a bigger gap in her heart than the one she had before Seth.

Can PJ set aside her own tormented past to lose herself in the intensity of Seth?  Can he convince her that he can weld their lives together into something exquisite?

From award winning author, LJ Evans, comes a novel inspired by Bon Jovi songs that shows how love and acceptance can heal even the toughest scars.
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I leaned against the wall, arms crossed, waiting for you. Because, Bella, I needed you. I needed you to understand that you were my only happily ever after. That I needed you for any kind of ever after.

There were no Disney movies in my real world as a kid. The only time I saw a Disney movie was at school. The teacher had just finished reading Barrie’s Peter Pan and put in the animated movie as a reward. You know that scene where Tinker Bell is captured by Captain Hook? Well, I can see now that that’s you. This tiny, amazing creature stuck in a cage by the man the crocodile wants to eat. That everyone fears except Peter himself. I’m not Peter in this scenario. I’m Hook.

But even Hook deserves an ever after. And God, Bella, I needed you. So, I stood there. Waiting for my fairy. I think you thought I was gone. I think you thought I wouldn’t wait for you. Now, maybe I think you thought I’d be chasing Cam. I’m not sure how you can love me, how you can feel everything we feel when we are holding each other, and think that I would be following her anywhere, but especially not when you were hurting.

Do you want to know a little more before checking it out? Here’s some teaser videos that showcase some of Seth and PJ’s romance:

I hope the idea of turning something from broken into art speaks to you, and I hope you decide to give Seth & PJ a chance.

All the books in the series have a playlist that goes with the chapters that are titled after a song from the artist that inspired each book. Here’s the Spotify list for ROCK ALBUM:

I’m running a giveaway specifically for the JUST Contemporary Romance blog followers.  You can enter to win an eBook of each novel in the MY LIFE AS AN ALBUM series including the new release, MY LIFE AS A ROCK ALBUM. That’s all 3 books! All you have to do is comment below on which singer started the whole series (hint – the answer is IN the post 😊). And while you’re commenting, maybe you can tell me which musician’s songs would be tell the story of your life.

Award-winning author, LJ Evans, is known for binge reading, binge watching, and binge writing.  She is routinely inspired by music and will pull over the car to write a book scene when a particular song strikes her imagination.  Her my life as an album series debuted in 2017 with my life as a country album which won The Independent Author Network’s Young Adult Book of the Year and was a finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards. The second in the series, my life as a pop album, released in January and was nominated for Contemporary Book of the Year in the 7th Annual UTOPiA Awards. The third book, my life as a rock album, released in June 2018.  By day she’s a 1st grade teacher in a public school in California’s Central Valley.  By night, she’s a wife, mother, and pillow for the 3 terrors known as cats. Find out more about LJ and her books at

I’d love for you to touch base with me and follow the journey I’ve started where music and romance collide! You can find me in any of these places:

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