Sunday, April 22, 2018

Her Claim

She’s no princess. He’s no prince. Then again, they never wanted a fairy tale.

Legally Bound, Book 2

Cassie Allbright takes no prisoners. A half Cuban ball-busting attorney, she’s too tough to admit what she wants in bed. But tough is the only way to cut it in her high-powered firm, and Cassie doesn’t need a knight in shining armor. And she definitely doesn’t need Patrick Dunham—an arrogant, chauvinistic man-whore with a knack for pissing her off.

Bound to the helm of his family’s publishing house, Patrick is shackled to a life of power and wealth he never wanted. Seduction is his only distraction—his nights of pleasure always temporary, because happily-ever-afters are not for him. But while luring a woman into his bed has always come easy, the high-and-mighty Cassie has never succumbed to his charms.

Their verbal sparring turns to foreplay, but instead of scratching an itch, it only whets their appetites. Patrick gives Cassie a taste of what she’s secretly craved, and Cassie’s dark desires stir up things Patrick never knew he wanted. Enchanted, he offers to fulfill her most dangerous fantasies. She agrees, with an iron-clad escape clause: her heart is off-limits, and so is his.

Funny thing about hearts, though. They have a way of ignoring the fine print.

Warning: This book isn’t for the faint of heart. Disclosure includes angry, vying-for-control hate sex and one steamy weekend in Miami. Ready? Break the caution tape and proceed.


As her mother launched into an update on All Things Miami Wedding, Cassie’s phone beeped with a text. She pulled it away from her ear and thumbed over the screen.
“Just warning you,” Lilly’s message read. “Patrick is here.”
Cassie’s lip curled in an involuntary sneer.
Looking up, she searched through the pub until she saw him. Patrick Dunham, otherwise known as Jack’s best friend, wingman and a man-whoring chauvinistic pig. She’d been forced to share oxygen with him since Lilly met Jack and Patrick had become part of their circle. And there he was, sauntering into the bar like he owned it.
Scanning the room for his next victim, no doubt.
A publishing magnate, Patrick was your classic playboy—rich, privileged and born with a sense of entitlement. He expected women to drop at his feet because of his money and apparent talent in bed. Not Cassie. For months she’d watched other unsuspecting fools fawn all over him, watched him leave with a different one every night, never committing to a single one. He didn’t try to hide it either. The very first day she’d met him, he’d proudly admitted to never dating the same woman twice with an egotistical, blasé and satisfied smile.
She wasn’t sure any man had infuriated her so much.
Across the room, Patrick saw her and met her gaze with the conceited smirk she’d seen too many times before, his thick shoulders stretching the confines of his button-down shirt as he crossed his arms. Cassie’s body heated as she glared back. He was attractive, but there was no soul behind that mask of green eyes, the thick black hair and goatee which showed no hint of grey despite him being midway through his forties. If every other woman in this room was his prey, Cassie was the one exception. She’d become his natural enemy, impervious to his good looks, smooth talk and cunning wiles.
It hadn’t always been the case.

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