Tuesday, March 6, 2018

I love autumn.

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I love autumn. The brilliant colors. The wide selection of produce at the farmers market. And the annual tradition of visiting an apple orchard. Several years ago, our family took a Saturday afternoon excursion to a local orchard. This particular family-owned orchard had a sprawling farmhouse right on the middle of the property, and as we paused to chat with the owners, I felt as if we were visiting old friends, although I’ll admit, I don’t even know their names. They’re an older couple. Their children are grown, but on that visit, they pointed toward a middle-aged guy—their oldest son—and I couldn’t help but wonder what his story was.  That little kernel of an idea inspired me to write Helping Her Remember, the first book in my new Crawford Falls series which follows the lives of Jake, Dylan, and Claire Bronstad, fifth generation apple growers in the small river town of Crawford Falls.  As a reader, I love romance series set in small towns. I love the sense of community I find within the first pages of those types of novels, and I love being totally immersed in the sights and sounds and interconnected stories of those who live there. For me, it’s like going on an imaginary vacation until I reach the end, and then I’m eager to pick up the next book in the series and be transported back to that same quaint little town and all the new friends I’ve made. That is the type of story I love to read and the one I wanted to create for my readers in Helping Her Remember. So please, let me be the first to welcome you to Crawford Falls, Minnesota.


All he needs is grace, tenacity, and a little bit of luck in this small-town romance, HELPING HER REMEMBER by Kate Carley. Just as Kelly Anne Leeson and Dylan Bronstad rekindle their relationship, secrets and half-truths threaten to destroy everything. Fans of SECOND CHANCE SUMMER by Jill Shavis, The Sullivans series by Bella Andre, and author Brenda Novak will find this heartwarming story of redemption.

Kelly’s back.

How can two simple words make Dylan Bronstad’s heart ache and sing at the same time?

Even seven years ago, Kelly Anne Leeson had possessed that power. Back then, all Dylan wanted to do was drink and make love to her. Really, it was no wonder she’d climbed out of his bed and walked out of his life, leaving him with nothing but a nasty hangover and the lonely memories of their time together.

Today, Dylan’s life is on track. He’s sober with the support of his family and his tight-knit group of friends. But Kelly could derail all he’s worked to accomplish. Unfortunately, he can’t seem to stay away from her.

Lured by the offer of her dream job, Kelly returns home to Crawford Falls and the friends she’d abandoned a lifetime ago. Mending those broken relationships will require some honest answers and a fair amount of forgiveness.

But facing Dylan will take a lot more—like maybe a suit of armor to protect her battle-weary heart and the secret she fears she’ll never be able to keep. 

While Kelly searches for a way to maintain the safe life she’s created for her son, Dylan works to remind her of the relationship they once had.

Just as they rekindle their relationship, secrets and half-truths threaten to destroy everything.

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About Kate Carley:
How Kate Carley went from majoring in mathematics and computer science in college to writing steamy contemporary romance still remains a mystery. She broke out into the indie publishing scene in 2015 with her debut novel, Challenged, a 2017 RONE award winner. Two more books completed her romantic suspense trilogy, Changing Krysset. With three published works under her belt, Kate is excited to launch her new contemporary romance series. Just like her first novels, the Crawford Falls series is set in a small town in Kate’s home state of Minnesota. When Kate isn’t busy at her desk writing, you’ll find her dreaming up new characters and plotting perfect ways to make their lives miserable before giving them their happily ever after.

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  1. I love small town setting. Also, living in country with two-season only, the seasons in the story also draw me. This sounds like it’s gonna be a lovely read!
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  2. Small town romances are the best. I love the general feel to them from the characters to the settings. Adding this to my list!

    ahui89 at hotmail dot com

  3. "... plotting perfect ways to make their lives miserable before giving them their happily ever after". Exactly! Well said!
    Maureen has my email address.

  4. Making note of this one... sounds like a great book!

  5. Thanks for the giveaway! alysap at yahoo dot com

  6. interesting

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  7. Love second chance stories.

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  8. I also LOVE romance sets in small town. There's a certain intimacy with community that is so close to one another. Like a form of outside support that can help our hero and heroine be together :)


  9. This sounds like a series I'd love to check out! Thanks for sharing.

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  10. I need to read more small town romances. Thanks!


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