Saturday, March 10, 2018

Crazy on You

Diane Thompson’s led an interesting life in her small town up until now. She’s handled whatever has come her way. But the night she wakes up in the back of her car accidentally kidnapped? Well, that’s taking things to another level of crazy. Thankfully she’s rescued without too much drama. But the cop that does the rescuing, Lt. Cole Anderson…


He’s more dangerous than the kidnappers.


Because he likes her.

Like, likes her.

And being vulnerable to a man? That scares her more than a bus full of kidnappers...

EMTs poked and prodded at me for a few short minutes, but as there hadn’t been any damage, they moved on. They stood in the huddle of uniforms near my car. One officer separated to stride over to me. At this distance, he looked like the other officers. The closer he got, though, the more he stood out.
       Dude was beyond hot.
       My eyes bugged and I clutched the blanket as the fine hairs lifted all over my body. I straightened. Blinked. No one would be able to claim he had a body for radio. If anything, his voice sandbagged the package. “Diane?” His fingers traced a gentle path across my face.
       I tried to speak but didn’t quite manage it. He was the man who’d rescued me?
       If I didn’t know better, I’d swear the love child of a wrestler and a superhero had landed in front of me. I had the urge to go Southern belle on his ass and fan myself while saying, “I do declare.”
       He was tall. At slightly above five-foot, most people seemed tall, but this man was up there. As in, he could have played professional basketball regardless of his skill set because he’d already be at the net. I’d need climbing gear if I wanted to look him in the eyes without cracking my back.
       He didn’t wear a uniform like the woman beside me, but dark jeans and a black t-shirt. And so muscular in the upper arms the material lay against it like latex. It had to be uncomfortable. There didn’t seem to be any room to flex.
       “Diane, are you all right? You never did answer me from earlier.” He clasped my hands, bringing my attention to his face. And what a face.
       His eyes were a vibrant dark brown against bronzed skin. They were so intent they almost glowed. His head did glow, so smooth the lights reflected off it. I wanted to stroke it.
       Girl, you’ve just been kidnapped and are thinking about stroking a stranger’s head. Get it together!


Diane Thompson wakes up in the backseat of her car, shocked to find she’s acquired a chauffeur. Realizing she’s been inadvertently kidnapped, she swears off tequila—and Chili’s—then dials 9-1-1. But her rescue comes at a cost. Her savior, too-macho-for-words Lt. Cole Anderson, refuses to let Diane out of his sight until her kidnappers are apprehended. He’s already lost one woman he cared about due to his inattention; he’s not letting it happen a second time.

But Diane isn’t a damsel-in-distress type of girl. When it turns out the criminals left a valuable item in her car and they want it back, involving Cole isn’t part of her plan and not only because the criminals have forbidden her from involving the cops. Men are like birds—messy, easily distracted, and only around when there’s something to eat. She’s got this. All she has to do is find and return the item in question to the drug runners threatening her life, survive a high-speed car chase, and keep her vow to never trust a man with her heart. 

About the Author:
Nicole Terry is a southern gal with northern sensibilities or, depending on the day, a northern gal with southern sensibilities, thanks in large part to the unique location of her home. Writing allows her to share the crazy that results from the dichotomy. She believes in the healing power of laughter, Cherry Dr Pepper, Justin Timberlake and, most importantly, happily ever after. Crazy on You is her first book and her homage to her random tendencies, love of alpha heroes, and soft spot for women who find love in the craziest ways. Visit her website

You can also find her on Twitter:

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