Monday, March 26, 2018

Caught Up

With: Rya Stone

Steamy romance and contemporary suspense collide in this compelling debut novel from Rya Stone.

It should be a slam-dunk deal. Land the Lucas lease and Cassie Mitchum can walk away from the cut-throat oil and gas game with a royalty interest substantial enough to take care of her ailing mother for life. What she doesn’t count on is the long-haired, tattooed rig hand, Jason Lucas. Or his maybe-murder bother. Oh, or the underground world of human and drug trafficking threatening not only her negotiations with the rough and tumble Jason Lucas, but her very life as well.

Jase Lucas doesn’t sign oil and gas leases. And he sure all hell doesn’t entertain pretty little landmen who come sniffing around his land, threatening to expose his deepest secrets. But Cassie Mitchum won’t give up, and Jase soon realizes the only way to protect her is to keep her close. The problem is, the closer she gets, the more he wants her…and that’s exactly what his old enemy is banking on.

Caught Up is the first Book in the Roughneck Romance Series.


He planted his hands on the table, trapping her. “I know you want me.”
“I can’t.” She closed her eyes, like that would make her words true. “I can’t want you.”
“Look at me.” His breath wisped her cheek, and he felt her shudder. “Look at me.”
They engaged in another brief stare-off. Brave girl. He liked that. He liked it all. He liked it so much it ached in a way he hadn’t felt since long-ago puppy love lifted its warm, wriggling head. “Give me one good reason,” he said.
“I’ll give you a damn good reason.” Her gaze dropped to his mouth as if she were suddenly afraid to look anywhere else. “I’m trying to lease your property.”
“There a law against us dating?”
“No, but it’s frowned upon.”
“By who?”
“Everyone.” She found the courage to stare up at him again, unblinking this time “Colleagues, brokers, clients…”
“How long have you been doing this?”
“Land work? Ten years.”
“And in all that time you never knew anyone who dated someone they met on the job?”
“I’m not saying that.”
“What are you saying?”
“A guy I know ended up marrying a woman he leased a few years ago, but it didn’t start until after.”
“Bullshit,” he whispered, leaning into her neck. “It started just like this.”
Cassie went stark still as he wound his fingers into the hair at the base of her neck and tilted her head backward. She gasped, and a dangerous thrill went through him when her back arched, inviting, another part of her body admitting she liked his display of possession. And her little moan let him know she liked how he shoved her legs apart with his knee and pressed against her flesh. Encouraged, his lips moved across her skin when he spoke. “Tell me you don’t want me,” he whispered, just below her ear. “Make me believe it.”
“This is so wrong…” Again, her body worked faster than her brain and she twisted her hands through his hair. Her sham-resistance made him want her even more. She was a professional, desperately seeking to walk a line he was hell-bent on obliterating. He had to respect that. And break it.
He slid his jaw along hers and felt her body nearly buckle beneath him. “Tell me,” he breathed in her ear.
            “You’re trembling,” he whispered. “You’re probably wet, too. Just like you were in your motel room. And I’d bet it would take me all night to wring you dry.” He shifted and pressed both hips between her thighs. “You said no one ever made you feel the way I do, so I’ll tell you a secret of my own. No one’s made me ache like this, either, not since I was fifteen. And I haven’t even seen you naked yet.”

About the Author:
Rya Stone grew up in a ranching family along the beautiful Texas coast, where she still lives with her husband and three children. After earning a B.A. in English, she spent a decade in the oilfield. She now spends her days crafting stories full of protective, alpha heroes, smart, feisty heroines and sexy, suspenseful plots. Caught Up is her debut novel and the first book in the Roughneck Romance series. Check her out on the web at

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