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Valentine’s Day and Single Awareness Day: Together Forever

Whether you’re happily married, partnered, or single, February is the month of amore. For us romance book lovers, the fourteenth is the one day every year, that our staunchest critics extend a hand in solidarity to celebrate falling in love.


Because once a year, on the same day, its gives great joy to be reminded that your life is entwined with another person who brings the madness of love and belonging to your heart.
At the end of the day, a man may grump about paying for over-priced chocolates, sappy flowers, or a candle-lit dinner, yet he detours by the drug store to grab a KitKat Candy Bar for his sweetheart, the first token of his affection twenty years into yesterday.

Valentine’s Day, with its cupids and candy, symbolizes the caring we have one for another. It’s wonderful to know someone cares enough about you to make a grand gesture with the smallest of gifts.

Wishing you a heartfelt Valentine’s Day, Siera

In Forbidden Attraction, Sarah Jones finds an unexpected sweetness in Lance Stevens, a younger man who gives her a sense of belonging after life’s foundation crumbles under the weight of betrayal.


Recently divorced, Sarah Jones no longer looks forward to the cupid and candy holiday. With her shattered heart and designer swimsuit in tow, she plans a little vacation to Adventure Cove Resort and Spa. It’s just the respite she needs from inquiring minds.

Quiet and brooding, Deputy Lance Stevens wants to be left alone with the pain of his past mistakes, but his family has other ideas. This contrived vacation is another family intervention he plans to squash, that is until Sarah zips into his life.

What’s meant to be Sarah’s escape turns into a steamy attraction to a man who’s too young, and too determined to get what he wants-her. Lance is forbidden in more ways than one and Sarah is harboring a secret that could destroy more than their budding romance.

What happens when Ms. Jones realizes there’s more than a Valentine’s Day fling going on?


 Before Lance could figure out what Sarah was doing, she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.
“You’re sweet, Lance. I’ll be fine with the ice and elevation.” He’d placed bed pillows behind her back and under her left leg. “I’ll be out of your hair soon enough.”
Speaking of hair, hers looked soft, like those twisty bread sticks that melt in your mouth, butter soft just the way her lips felt against his skin.
“What was that for?” he asked.
She blushed a pretty rosette and he grimaced. Now, she wanted to play shy? This woman was difficult. Impersonating a drunken cupid at the zip lining park, refusing medication, and kissing a guy for sitting down.
She fell back against the couch. “For trying to take care of me. It’s kind and you’re sweet.” She waved his hand away. “I still don’t want your gag pills.”
She blatantly refused his help, but somehow he’d earned a kiss for his efforts. Maybe, he could get the hang of this understanding women thing.
“So, you kiss men who are kind and helpful?”
Her face scrunched. “Yes...what? No,” she stammered.
“Yes to kind men. But, no to helpful men.”
Her mouth fell open. “Stop. Your man logic is baffling,” she laughed.
Sarah thought him confused? She’d kissed him for offering pills that she refused. Of the two, he was the least confusing, yet the most perplexed.
“Alright, let me clarify.” Without taking his eyes off her, he leaned forward, his face close enough to feel the warmth of her breath on his lips. She smelled of sweet spice and clean rain.
“What are you doing?” she rasped, voice husky.
He placed one single capsule between his teeth.
“This,” he whispered, “is me being kind.”
He covered her mouth with his. At first, she didn’t respond. Slowly her lips parted, her tongue tentative in its touch. When he nipped her bottom lip, she opened fully. He released the pill into her mouth, following it with his tongue. He went to pull back, in case she had difficulty. Without missing a breath, Sarah swallowed, grabbed a handful of his shirt, hauled him closer, and deepened the kiss.
“Open,” she urged him.
Lance never liked taking orders, but hell, he followed Sarah’s direction down to the last letter.❣️

Forbidden Attraction releases February 13, 2018

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