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From The Top

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From The TopBook Two, Blue Spruce Lodge

Welcome back to Blue Spruce Lodge!

I’m so glad to be visiting JCR again and I’m super thrilled to tell you about the next romance in my new Blue Spruce Lodge series, From The Top.

From The Top offers a visit with Rolf and Glory along with all the other characters you met in On The Edge (including Murphy, the dog!)

The romance in From The Top is between Nate, the project manager who is working for Rolf to rebuild the ski hill, and Ilke, an alpine skier who has comes limping back from the Olympics—pregnant with Nate’s baby!

When I was writing Ilke into Book One, she started out as one of those cliché ‘other woman’ characters, but I knew there was much more to her. And I loved how her cool, defensive personality contrasted with Nate’s calm, well-liked, dependable character. I especially loved how both of them keep their lives private and suddenly have this explosive secret between them.

It’s the worst timing for both of them and neither is handling it well. Then stuff happens that you probably don’t expect. Also, Glory’s father, Marvin, and Rolf’s step-mother, Vivien have their own romance, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Here’s Nate’s reaction when Ilke breaks the news:

Whatever dim, fall-into-place vision she’d had of how this would go faded another few degrees. Fairy tales definitely weren’t real. And reality sucked raw eggs.
“It was an accident.” That was the most important thing she needed to convey, in a voice she struggled to project evenly. “I was taking medication that counteracted my birth control. I didn’t know until last week.”
“I wore a condom. Every time.” He threw the clothing he’d gathered into a laundry bag near the door. “Are you sure it’s mine?”
She felt her weight go back onto her heels, then the raw sting hit her front, raking from her throat to her breastbone to create a sick knot that settled in her gut. Why were women always virgins or sluts and nothing in between?
She hated him in that moment for being exactly like all the rest. Why then, did she feel his baby was worth keeping?
“Since you’re the only man I’ve had sex with in the last…” she looked to the ceiling, trying to recall “…two years, yes.”
“Two years,” he repeated with deep skepticism.
Another wave of defensive affront went through her. What did he think?
As their gaze met, however, she could see what he thought. Or rather, what he remembered. She had lost track of the times she’d gone back for seconds. The memory made her tender breasts feel that much heavier. The pulse at the base of her throat throbbed a little harder.
Clearly a woman with her appetite was a sex fiend who gave it up to any man who wanted to throw her a bone.
She held his gaze even though it was like holding something hot enough to leave third-degree burns. Even though it melted away whatever invisible shield she managed to hold against him and left her naked and splayed and not something he wanted a second helping of. Not now. Not ever.

If you’d like to read the first two chapters of From The Top, they’re here: http://danicollins.com/books/from-the-top/#excerpt


Their hot New Year’s Eve wasn’t supposed to have consequences…

Fiercely independent after a difficult childhood, Ilke Lunquist devotes herself to one thing: skiing. She’s on the cusp of gold when an unexpected pregnancy throws her future into chaos.

Nathaniel Hart takes on the daunting project of restoring Whiskey Jack Ski Resort to be close to his young son, but with one failed marriage behind him, he avoids serious relationships.

They might be virtual strangers with only a baby in common, but Nate is determined to be part of his child’s life. Ilke didn’t become a champion by ever backing down from a challenge, especially not one where her child’s happiness and her own heart are on the line. When tragedy strikes, heartbreak draws them closer together. Nate discovers he’s more than ready for a bigger family and maybe, just maybe, Ilke will find the home that has eluded her all her life.

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Dani’s Bio:
Award-winning and USA Today Bestselling author Dani Collins thrives on giving readers emotional, compelling, heart-soaring romance with some laughter and heat thrown in, just like real life.

Mostly Dani writes contemporary romance for Harlequin Presents and Tule’s Montana Born, but her backlist of forty books also includes self-published erotic romance, romantic comedy, and even an epic medieval fantasy.

When she’s not writing—just kidding, she’s always writing. Dani lives in BC, Canada with her husband of thirty years who occasionally coaxes her out of her attic office to visit their grown children.

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