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My Top 5 Hottest Blue Collar Male Characters

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Yes, we all might love our Christian Grey types from time to time. The ├╝ber-rich, I can buy you everything you desire and treat you like a queen types. Sure, these on-top-of-the-world guys can fulfill a lot of our fantasies.

But let’s not forget the other guys. Those rugged, barrel-chested types who don’t come from money and have to scrape by and work their tight butts off for every dollar they earn. That’s exactly who Hunter Sparks is, our bearded hottie hero from Sweet Attraction. He’s got ripped muscles and a tool belt…what could be better than that?

Well, how about a list of some of my other favorite blue collar characters of all time? You’re welcome and enjoy.

1) Noah Calhoun (The Notebook) - I mean, obviously he’s number one, right?! The kissing scene does it all but if you need a little bit more…he renovated an entire house for Allie by himself, he wrote her a letter every day for a year, he read their love story to her every day until she remembered him, aaaand that beard and body. Yum. And he didn’t need bags and bags of money to do any of it.  ;)


2) Jake Perry (Sweet Home Alabama) - Hellllooo, blue eyes. Gah, this guy just tugs at my heart strings. He still loves Melanie after 7 years of her being gone and getting engaged to another man. And he works his tail off trying to better himself in hopes of bringing her back to him. How many men would actually work that hard to win back the woman they love? They’re a rare breed, indeed.

3) Wade Kinsella (Hart of Dixie) - Sigh. Wade. He’s the perfect blend of sexy and adorable. Not all guys can pull that off. All those one-liners he whispers into Zoe’s ear in that irresistible accent? Plus, the guy can’t seem to stay out of flannel…or keep his shirt on for that matter. Those are some of the best abs on television, ladies.

4) Mike (Magic Mike) - Sure, the movie may have had a nonexistent plot, but is that really the point here? No. No, it is not. The point is that this man stripped his way through his younger years in order to start his own custom furniture company, for which he couldn’t even get a bank loan. That was the point of the movie, right? It absolutely had nothing to do with his abs or gyrating hips. Right?

5) Chris Pratt - Yes, I know I’m not referencing a fictional character here. I’m just referring to the man underneath all the Hollywood fame and wealth. He prides himself on being the Joe Six-Pack, all-American guy who can have a beer and a meal with pretty much anyone. “I’m a worker, a guy meant to do a physical job. That’s what my dad did. That’s what my grandfather did. It’s the type of work I’d be doing if there were no such thing as acting…I like hard physical work.” Well, Chris, we like watching you do that hard physical work. So, keep it up! ;)


What happens on the road stays on the road. Right? That is, until Jade Hollingsworth's first ever—and toe-curlingly awesome—one-night stand turns out to be Hunter Sparks, the contractor she hired via email to remodel the swimwear shop she bought sight-unseen in Shell Grove, South Carolina. A fresh start in a new place where no one knows her name means she can finally gain control over her life and find some inner peace.
Ha. Fat chance of that when Hunter informs her he can't take the job...then brazenly comes onto her. Seriously?
Hunter wants nothing more than to carry on their steamy affair, but has to keep it on the down low. If he helps Jade with her shop, he risks losing the biggest contract of his career, everything he's worked his whole life to achieve. The trouble is, he can't keep his hands off her...

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