Sunday, December 24, 2017

What kind of White Christmas do you prefer?

Congratulations to "Taurus", the winner in the Barefoot Bay giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

Merry Christmas from the white sand beaches of Barefoot Bay!

Welcome to Barefoot Bay Kindle Worlds...a whole new way to kick off your shoes and fall in love in Barefoot Bay! Through a special agreement with Amazon Publishing that allows authors to step into my beloved world and write books with their own characters (and many of mine) that are set in Barefoot Bay, on the fictional island of Mimosa Key, my Kindle World now includes more than 50 books.

I recently added ten more stories. The authors of those books are here to share whether they prefer their “White Christmas” with snow or sand.

Christmas is more romantic in the snow. Why? Because in order to stay warm you have to snuggle up really close.  ~ Marilyn Baxter, Dancing on the Sand

Snow...every single day of the week and twice on Sunday! I'm a norther girl. I grew up in Vermont. There is nothing better than sitting inside in the evening, Christmas lights twinkling, and watching the snow fall. And the chill in the air just drives bodies even closer to one another, am I right?  ~ Casey Hagen, Unconventional Seduction

Two people in love can make any location romantic, but for me personally—having lived both in the snow and at the beach, I choose the beach. I’m a mermaid at heart, and strolling along the shore while holding hands with the love of my life, or standing with him at the water’s edge while the surf buries our feet and we gaze out over the vast expanse of saltwater . . . well, I’m reminded of how huge the universe is and how small we are, proving what a miracle it is that we found each other. It just doesn’t get any better than that.  ~ Lisa Ricard Claro, The Write Man

Hanukkah and Christmas center around light...lots of candles. While I love cuddling up in front of a fire at the holidays. the flicker of holiday lights on the waves of Barefoot Bay makes me sigh.  ~ Morgan Malone, Color My World

Christmas is more romantic with snow! At least Noah in my Barefoot Bay novella, SHELTER ME, would say so. Being from the Rocky Mountains, it's something he and Abby actually debate in the book! She's a beach girl at heart, but when she experiences her first Christmas in the mountains, with all that snow, there's nothing more magical!  ~ Elana Johnson, Shelter Me

I believe that it’s way more romantic with snow. You have so many reasons to cuddle and drink all the lovely warm drinks of the holiday season if it’s cold out. Plus it looks so much better decorating with snow as a backdrop. To be fair though, I’m not a beach person. So, again, I am all the more romantic when there is snow for the holiday.  ~ Aliyah Burke, Forever Yours

Snow! Because it’s a great excuse to stay inside, in front of a fire and snuggle up with your sweetie.  ~ Gail Chianese, Sweet Surrender

The beach is my choice. I enjoy hot weather instead of cold. The romance of the waves cuddled on the sand. The long walk on the beach. Or moonlight shining off the water at night as you are there with someone you love.  ~ Taige Crenshaw, Something New

The heroine in my book, The Magic of Mistletoe, gets to enjoy the best of both worlds. She spends part of the season in Vermont but then flies to Florida where she discovers the tropical holiday wonder of a white sand Christmas spend with someone special.  ~ Debra Fisk, The Magic of Mistletoe

You can throw all the tinsel you want at palm trees and even put Santa Claus in a Speedo, but Christmas for me will always be better with snow.  ~ EmKay Connor, Once in a Lifetime Match

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For a chance to win your choice of any Barefoot Bay Kindle World romance, tell us which you prefer: white sand or white snow.

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  1. white sand

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  2. I will say white snow... I miss it.

  3. White snow

    Happy Holidays!

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  4. I live in tropical country so I'd love a chance for white snow



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