Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Birthday!

What’s a girl to do when her birthday falls on one of the biggest holidays of the year? Learn to laugh, that’s what.

Yes, my birthday is on Christmas. When I was growing up, I never got to invite classmates to a party on my special day. I’ve had friends and family give me one gift, thoughtfully labeled “Merry Birthday.” It’s a rip-off.

But instead of pouting, I learned to deal with my Christmas birthday through humor. I love to tell the story about receiving a pair of athletic shoes from a creative friend who wrapped one shoe up for Christmas and the other for my birthday. Or boasting that I was the best Christmas gift my parents ever received.

Humor is part of my writing voice and the inspiration behind my take on the holiday classics The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, ’Twas the Night Before Christmas and The 12 Days of Christmas. 

I had fun writing these short comedic holiday romances. I hope you enjoy reading them.

The Wench Who Stole Christmas

Billionaire Bear McLeery knows Christmas magic doesn’t happen without a little help from Santa and his elves so every year he coordinates a corporate toy drive and party for local needy families. The employees love volunteering almost as much as they enjoy the huge corporate celebration that follows.

Eloise Manny, the new H.R. manager hired by Bull McLeery, Bear’s father and company CEO, might be great at her job but she doesn’t have an ounce of holiday spirit. Her Bah-Humbug attitude is threatening to ruin Bear’s favorite time of year.

Can Santa convince Eloise to believe in the magic of mistletoe or will the wench steal everyone’s Christmas joy?

‘Twas the Nightcap Before Christmas

Gemma Hilliard has had a massive crush on her boss since the day she started working for him three years ago. She quickly learned, however, that any hint she was interested in more than coordinating his calendar would earn her a pink slip. During the holidays, her control tends to slip when she drinks more than one glass of bubbly under the mistletoe…a mistake she’s managed to avoid until now.

When Hawk McLeery discovered his ex-fiancĂ©e was after his money and not his heart, he swore off all romantic entanglements. Managing the marketing department for his family’s multi-billionaire dollar company keeps him plenty busy, and his super-efficient executive assistant is the next best thing to a wife…almost.

The 12 Dames of Christmas

If Fox McLeery can’t get a date for his family’s corporate Christmas party, he’ll lose out on an expensive bet with his brothers. Sure, he has a well-earned reputation as a womanizer, but in real life, he’s nothing like the callous playboy the tabloids make him out to be. Too bad the gossip and rumors have convinced every eligible female in a hundred-mile radius Fox isn’t worth the risk.

Stranded in New York City on Christmas Eve is a nightmare for Tabitha Hotchkiss. The holidays are all about home, hearth and family, and she’s stuck in a hotel. When an attractive stranger invites her to his family’s Christmas party, she happily agrees…only to discover the intimate gathering she imagined is a corporate celebration.

What magical discoveries will Tabitha make if she takes the time to look beyond the twinkling lights and shiny giftwrap of Christmas?

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Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!

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