Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hold Me Harder

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It’s that time of year where the cacophony of the holidays is in full voice. Shopping, cooking, parties, getting ready for guests, trying to keep gifts secret from prying eyes, or trying to think of gifts you haven’t figured out yet. It all means there’s little room for me-time. In the spirit of helping you carve out an hour or two for yourself, I’ve got a bite-sized novella for you to savor. Think of it as a midnight snack.


PR exec Natalie Lindgren is all business…until it comes to dealing with her craving for sexual submission. Two years ago, she walked away from the lifestyle—and her Dom, Javier. Now she’s back at his luxury guest ranch, not as his sub, but as a member of her sister’s wedding party.
But Javier’s not her only problem. Her ex, Ryan—who she left because his ideas to kink up their sex life veered too closely to Natalie’s former lifestyle—is the best man.

She’d thought she could resist the two dominant men, but with one touch Natalie is back under Javier’s influence, and one whisper has her aching for Ryan’s fingers tight around her wrist. How is she going to get through the weekend? Especially once the two of them join forces to remind her exactly what she’s been missing…

“Talk to me, Nat. What are you afraid of?”

She knew her silence was unfair to him, but she couldn’t grapple with what to say, or how to say it.

And then Chloe popped up behind him and grabbed a handful of his shirt sleeve. “Come on, Ryan!” she said, giving a yank. “Tequila shooters. Dave’s waiting for you.”

Natalie offered her sister a quick, grateful smile. Chloe’s bouncy good nature sometimes overshadowed her intelligence, perilous for those who underestimated her. She and Dave had introduced Ryan and Natalie, and though Chloe didn’t know exactly what had gone down, she knew enough to perceive Natalie’s discomfort.

Ryan let go of Natalie’s wrist and stood, but when Chloe wandered over to the makeshift bar set up at one of the other tables, Ryan didn’t follow her. Instead, he bent over the back of Natalie’s chair, his hand braced on the table, his stubbled jaw against her smooth one. “Tell me about the cowboy, Nat,” he murmured.

The entire floor seemed to tip to one side and Natalie blinked it back to level. Her blurry gaze followed the tendons on the back of Ryan’s hand to the monogram sewn onto the cuff of his shirt. “What cowboy?” she said, her words as hazy as her vision. “This place is crawling with them.”

“The only one who looked at you like he owned you. The one who looked at me like he’d happily see me caught in a stampede. The one who had you blindfolded and begging,” he murmured. “What, exactly, was he to you?” 

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  1. Thank you for sharing excerpt from the book, Renee!

  2. Sounds like an interesting book, thanks for sharing the excerpt!

  3. Enjoyed the snippet you shared... sounds good.

  4. Hi Renee! Thanks for sharing, sounds like delicious snack of a novella!


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