Saturday, December 23, 2017

Brazilian Surrender

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Thanks so much Just Contemporary Romance for having me on your blog! Here’s the opening of Brazilian Surrender, my steamy romance with a dash of suspense to keep readers on their toes.

“Mr. Bauer’s ready for you,” the fifty-something assistant said then pressed her lips into a closed smile.
Camila Duarte nodded and swallowed the lump of uneasiness forming in her throat. Besides one unsavory experience, most of her life she had taken her freedom and her sense of security for granted, because her brothers always protected her. That was one of the reasons why she’d come to intern in a psychiatric hospital in New York City after she finished her studies in Rio. She wanted to have her own experiences, make her own mistakes, far from Brazil and her brothers where they constantly smothered her with their well-meaning intentions.
She squared her shoulders and walked across the hardwood floor like she didn’t feel nervous about the whole thing.
She glanced at the last office in the hallway while she passed by other glass wall suites where mostly men and a couple of women worked quietly at their desks. The office at the end of the hall had Jaeger Bauer’s name on the plaque beside the open door.
Sucking in a breath, she entered. The office had an industrial atmosphere with exposed brick walls and metal light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. The collection of black leather chairs and the oak table in the center added a contemporary flair.
The man she was supposed to meet, Jaeger Bauer, stood in front of the desk, gesturing for her to sit. She expected him to shake hands or do some type of greeting, but it never happened.
Without taking her eyes off him, she sat on the chair, and only then did he do the same. He studied her with eyes so blue they reminded her of exotic islands surrounded by clear ocean waters; her shoulders dropped a notch and her pulse ridiculously quickened. Why hadn’t she looked for a picture of him online? Maybe then she’d been prepared for this blond, oversize Viking god in a casual suit.
“How can I help you?” he asked, in a deep, cultured voice that sent little thrills of awareness down her spine.


Psychology student Camila Duarte is finally on her own, living in NYC and away from her overprotective brothers. Her serenity quakes when she receives terrorizing letters. When the threats ramp up, she hires the best problem solver in the business to protect her and look for the criminal.
After losing his wife and kid, Jaeger Bauer left the NYPD and has one simple rule: don’t get attached. A job is just a job. Working close to Camila, however, puts his remarkable self-control to the test. He wants to pursue her, even though they are complete opposites and want different things. As the stakes get higher, Jaeger needs to choose between protecting his client…or surrendering to desire and jeopardizing the entire mission.

Each book in the Brazilians series is STANDALONE.
* Brazilian Revenge
* Brazilian Capture
* Brazilian Surrender

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  1. The book sound very intriguing. I’ll have to check it out. It’s a pity that the giveaway is already over :(


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